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  1. jusvans

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Promobricks has official images via the Lego building instructions app for the Moonbase, hospital, and police sets. LEGO City 2022 What's New: First Pictures of Hospital, Moon Base and More! (promobricks.de)
  2. In case anyone is interested, here's a fan made model of the probe most of us were not able to receive with a parts list: We’ve built the more beautiful LEGO Ulysses spacecraft and give you the instructions for free! | StoneWars
  3. I read somewhere this morning, and I cannot confirm this, that each region had something like 3000. Either way, totally inadequate.
  4. Very true too I guess. I only found this address thing out when I stayed with my parents for a bit due to covid and we both buy legos and had a couple orders cancelled because of shipping to the same address before I called customer service.
  5. I have a theory and someone please correct me if this is completely off base, but could it be that there are a lot of fake/duplicate VIP accounts creating this excess demand over previous years? Maybe it's me, but it feels like the last year perhaps anything VIP related from set releases to rewards just go in a snap. Sets used to sell out after a couple days/a week but now it's hours. Lego does order limiting based on addresses and could scalpers/resellers be using next door addresses, etc. to bypass the system thereby gobbling everything up before the rest of us?
  6. Same thing happened to me in the US. Been waiting since 7:30 am central time and about a minute before it was set to go live, whole VIP section went down. By the time I finally was able to get in 20 minutes later, sold out. Then I find this: Guess how much the LEGO Ulysses Space Probe is already selling for on eBay (brickfanatics.com) Come on Lego maybe not make what seems like every VIP exclusive these days super rare? I understand event exclusives that were supposed to be in person last year, like the Nebulon B, but not these general rewards. Same thing for the classic space coin. Both are selling as a bundle on ebay for hundreds of US$, PREORDER.
  7. jusvans

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I really like the people pack and was looking forward to the other sets in the series until I saw these images. I don't know, something about them doesn't look or feel right. Maybe it's the printed cockpits or the "inspired by NASA" stamped on each. The colors will take some getting used to but I think they'll work fine. The new minifigs look great. The set designs seem...forced...I don't know. Like a combination of the Martian and stylizations of planned hardware (my stomach dropped after the rocket research base, aka SLS). Perhaps I spend too much time looking at these ideas at work so when they're transferred to bricks they look weird.