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  1. TeeNuggetTa

    Updating Your Minifigs

    This is my custom Baze Malbus gun attachment. The whole gun build is all legit lego, but with the hair I just cut a lego friends piece up.
  2. What about the Last Jedi Millennium Falcon?? That only came out in like 2018, it had a different figure but the build was quite similar.
  3. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] The Razor Crest by Edge of Bricks

    Damn that looks even sweeter as a physical model. Nice job!
  4. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] Imperial TIE Fighter

    I've been looking at the two side by side and really the main central fuselage with the dome pieces that are kinda similar and thats pretty much it. Brickvault does not own the ability to use those dome pieces and tie fighter canopies with their mocs, with Lego there are only a limited amount of ways to create structures and designs, there will be many common pieces used between these designs as they are all trying to resemble the original source material to their best ability.
  5. TeeNuggetTa

    Future Star Wars Sets

    The TIE Daggers do have red on the wings, its just really dulled out due to the blue filter on Exogol.
  6. After watching the Life Day Special, I can easily say that it cements the 2020 advent calendar as the best yet. Has great figures (other than no real prequel figures and the lack of a non-christmas themed exclusive character) and is real tied in with the film.
  7. TeeNuggetTa

    75292 The Razor Crest – MODs and improvements

    This looks utterly amazing and is a great culmination of all the great mods people have contributed. I will def be ordering pieces to get this look once I get my Razorcrest.
  8. I think it's because Mando was specifically in charge of taking care of the eggs to thus be fertilised on Trask, so baby yoda eating the eggs was against what frog lady and mando were trying to do. Chicken eggs are unfertilised without a lil fetus thing inside of it. so we ain't eating part of a once living creature.
  9. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] The Razor Crest by Edge of Bricks

    Love the sleekness of it, damn! Only thing that could be improved is probs the size and positioning of the engine pods as they look a lil small and low. Nice design, I'm def gonna try and mod mine to look similar.
  10. I would assume season 2 though since in a previous catalogue it was hidden, if it was from season 1 they probs would've shown it off with the other sets.
  11. TeeNuggetTa

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I absolutely hate the smirky X-Wing pilot face they use for every god-damn rebel pilot figure, why is Luke and some random pilot from a MicroFighter the only characters who have their own faces. At least give Wedge his own face!! This is getting absolutely ludicrous! I'm using one of the death star gunner heads for wedge, even though it doesn't have the orange visor it matches with his likeness a whole lot more.
  12. TeeNuggetTa

    AT-ST MOC by A_C

    Damn another great AT-ST moc! One of the harder designs to get the likeness just right, but when done well looks amazing.
  13. TeeNuggetTa

    Galaxy's Edge: Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run

    Damn this is great, as much as a I love vehicle mocs there aren't enough unique structures made like this. Very Nice!
  14. I think the new Disney Film novelisations are canon, just not the novelisations for the original 6.
  15. If it was a season 1 set I don't see why they would've hidden it, hopefully its season 2 which was why actual preliminary images of the sets weren't in the catalogue.