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  1. Yeah as an Australian here too I checked Big W and Myer and they seem to have everything but those two sets too.
  2. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] Pasaana Diorama - 3 Movie Scenes

    Damn you are a great builder!
  3. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] General Grievous' Belbullab-22 Starfighter

    Looks sweet, can it fit Grievous though?
  4. TeeNuggetTa

    75257 - 2019 Millennium Falcon MODs and MOCs

    It is certainly possible to seat 4 figures, but its very tight depending on how tall the figures are. Use a 4x4 round brick corner and you have a bit more room to play with. You'll have to hollow the section that the figures rest their back on too. I've done it but I dont have it on hand to take pictures of.
  5. They've really captured BB-8 well here, I do wish that the first order stormtrooper had a little more detail and less studs showing, could be a promising theme as long as they're cheap.
  6. Does anyone think that if other clones such as Rex or Cody are included in the wave at the end of this year, that they'll use the style seen on the new 501st troopers instead of the episode 3 style?
  7. What the? Why is the nightbuzzard cheaper with more pieces?
  8. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] First Order UA-TT

    Wish this was more prominent than the AT-ST, so many cool first order vehicle designs yet we mostly saw the First order variants of the AT-ST and AT-AT.
  9. The thing I hate most about the AT-AT is the continuation of those 4+ snowtroopers. It appears they still have no brick-built backpack on them, no kama and for some reason their hands are dark tan when it should be either white or light bluish grey. 😒 I'm gonna have to bricklink a few of the older versions from the previous AT-AT
  10. The May 4th promo of the death star 2 leaked with an a-wing and tie interceptor. Hope we get leaks for the August stuff 😣 gonna be one of the best waves
  11. TeeNuggetTa

    [MOC] Custom Resistance Y-Wing

    Because of quarantine I finally decided to start making my own lego sets. I've been planning to buy the resistance y- wing but it looked quite ugly so I tried to design my own. Its not finished yet and doesn't have much structure but I think most of the details are close to finished. I don't know how to upload photos yet so I'll just post the imgur links. I'll do a render soon once I'm happy to show it off. One thing I'm worried about is the engine size. I believe they are too big compared to the cockpit, but I'm worried making them smaller will decrease the detail of the front intakes.
  12. What was this reason?
  13. TeeNuggetTa

    [REVIEW] 75264 - Kylo Ren's Shuttle Microfighter

    What?? Would you have rather have gotten a First Order Pilot? Getting the main villain in such a cheap set is great, yes there's nothing particularly new or interesting about this Kylo Ren but its still a good figure and they can't change the figure up any more given the fact he has the same costume except for the helmet.
  14. Its based off the snowspeeder from episode 7, its not made up by lego but was just thrown in there
  15. TeeNuggetTa

    [Review] #75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

    You got the blue mando and the orange mandos torsos mixed up