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  1. This may be the case in America, but due to a number of reasons, the summer 2020 wave was really hard to find on shelves in Australia. I only saw a single AAT maybe around half a dozen Anakin Jedi Interceptors and never saw the 501st battlepack despite visiting stores very frequently and even in multiple states.
  2. They did give the Airbone trooper a kama last year, I think that if Rex is going to be in a vehicle like the Y-Wing he may not have a kama, but if he's just a figure thrown into a set and doesn't need to operate the vehicle he'll come with his kama.
  3. While I do think Lego's quality has really increased with its figures such as all the new clone faces and all the various toe printing, the new 501st clone style looks so knockoff its not funny. They created some random art-style that blended both but also added its own random elements. I'm happy to have them, but I would rather have them look like either the movies or the show. I really just want a consistent Phase II clone style, It looks weird to display the 501st clones with either the realistic clones or the clone wars versions.
  4. Yeah he's the only main character that's missing and the Blurrgs were super utilised in the first season.
  5. Has anyone identified or been able to translate the name of the 3rd Mandalorian in the Mandalorian Starfighter?
  6. Damn, I would rather have had this Slave I be based of ESB. Because now I have to think about either purchasing another Slave I or getting ripped off for the new Boba off Bricklink.
  7. At least both sets are the same price so it shouldn't be too hard for them to give him arm printing
  8. Apparently its his full armoured appearance with a jetpack, can't remember if he has arm printing or not, but its still gonna be sweet.
  9. Oh my god, I'm absolutely blind. I thought Wreckers shoulders were like the Praetorian Guard piece.
  10. But there doesn't appear to be any neck bracket? It looks as if the shoulders are moulded into the body. Perhaps there is a new type of bracket that I haven't seen, but it looks different to me.
  11. It looks like Crosshair may have a face underneath?? I'm looking at the pic of the 5 of them standing together in unison and it appears that he doesn't have a black head like most people were expecting, shame we don't get to see it though. Also does anyone know how Wreckers shoulders work?
  12. I've never seen the 501st battlepack in Melbourne, in person. One of my friends managed to get it at day one at the lego store though. Even when I was in Queensland a few months ago I would search all the stores but I found nothing. I had to end up ordering it from Germany because I gave up looking for it.
  13. Nah it was fake, thats why the guy took it down. It was just a zoomed in pic of a fan mock-up, Childish Landino debunked it on his story.
  14. TeeNuggetTa

    Updating Your Minifigs

    This is my custom Baze Malbus gun attachment. The whole gun build is all legit lego, but with the hair I just cut a lego friends piece up.
  15. What about the Last Jedi Millennium Falcon?? That only came out in like 2018, it had a different figure but the build was quite similar.