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  1. Go town! Thanks for letting me play @Hinckley
  2. What's your point? Is it scummy that I took at little more time between the second and third point than between the first and second? He has been making posts but not really contributing anything of substance for most of the game and I was calling him out for it for doing it yet again at the start of today. I was definitely signalling he was on the radar. Vote: Caldwell Crocodile If you think we shouldn't wait to pursue Huxley, there's no-one stopping you from voting for him.
  3. Still no real stance, but then says that discussion feels scummy. How is asking Brewer her views on the vote tally scummy? How do we get anywhere if we don't engage with everyone? I defended myself because what he said was not accurate. I don't really think I was being that prickly. I explained that Caldwell was front of mind because he had been posting. He got his own post because I was addressing one thing at a time (because I was on the phone). The two posts before that merged into one, but I wasn't as quick with the third one. On Huxley, your question to me was: "Why are you not at all concerned about Huxley Horse's contributions?" I never said I wasn't at all concerned, I just hadn't made a comment about it. So, I commented on Huxley because you asked me about him. And in responding to that it made me think about more than I had been about whether he might be scum or not. That is why I provided more information. I don't think that contributing to the discussion is an over-reaction. My position on Huxley is that I don't think we have enough to know whether he is actually busy or scum flying under the radar. Why do I have to have a definitive view on whether or not he is scum? I'm not defending him, I'm saying I don't know. Do you think he is scum? I wasn't trying to answer for Ember. I didn't follow your logic and wanted you to explain it - I should have been clearer about that.
  4. I think our host was just having fun with the "parroting parrot" and there is nothing to the pictures. As Leevi pointed out, PGOs can usually be targeted by anyone. I have been neither sheepish nor non-committal. I have justified my reasons for the votes that I have made and, in the case of Braxton, my reasons for voting for him were different to most and, in the case of Myrtle, I explained why I was not convinced about her claim. As for her calling me out, she said I had been as unhelpful as she herself had been up to that point. It was hardly "calling me out". I suggest you go back over the posts I have made. Huxley hasn't just "been relatively unhelpful" as you suggest. He's been downright useless. Unless he's scum, in which case they would probably argue he's been quite useful. Gracie spoke up twice yesterday and hadn't spoken yet today at the time you posted. I never said I was not concerned about Huxley. His lack of contributions has not gone un-noticed, but we don't really know whether it is because he is genuinely busy or scum openly (?) flying under the radar. His vote on Myrtle could be considered scummy, but is that enough to make the call given its the only thing he's done? Caldwell is more front of mind because every time he does talk, it doesn't really add anything of value. I don't really follow the logic as to why you are questioning Ember over this. I read this as Ember assuming there are three per scum team while Pierot has assumed there were two per team. Either is possible in my view.
  5. One more thing, I hope we get something more substantial from @Caldwell Crocodile today.
  6. @Ember Elephant, I agree that it was likely the Monsters that took out the Pierrot given he openly stated that he was anti-monster. However, I don’t think the poodle was killed over her vote for Leevi. Her vote on Leevi was for sheepish behaviour, whereas she seemed more forceful in her comments to Haydn about why Braxton may have been killed. It was both Pierrot and Pascha who had the most to say about Haydn’s theory late in the day. @Brewer Bunny, thanks for posting the tallies. I’m curious about the lack of voting by Bennett and Caldwell, but I’m also curious whether you have a view on the voting patterns?
  7. What is your view on why she was not able to give you whatever invention she tried to give you? How useful do you think it will be now that everyone, including scum, know about it? @Myrtle Monkey, what was it you tried to give Bennett?
  8. This feels to me like you are supporting a buddy. You've barely said boo all day and now you have an opinion that is more than a restatement of someone else's. It is nothing more than just a claim until it is verified. Also, when did Myrtle become a "he"? Care to share more?
  9. An inventor who can give out an invention during the day is plausible. Having a day blocker who conveniently blocked you during today when you hadn't yet given anyone a reason to seems a little less plausible. There are usually no restrictions on who an invention can be given to, so I'm not sure we can read too much into that side of the equation yet. I'm keen to hear from those with a better grasp of the history books about the use of day blocks.
  10. Assuming for a minute that you're telling the truth (which I'm not sold on yet), what did you try to give Bennett and what does it mean that you were unsuccessful?
  11. Did the monkey give our beloved sheepdog a time machine?
  12. What do you mean by a "quick vote"? @Hinckley, looks like this vote was not included in the vote tally. This also doesn't sit well with me because it was the reason for your vote, rather than whether it was the first, second or whatever number vote, that made it sheepish. If this is your logic for voting for me, should we add it to the legitimate reasons for voting for you today? Also are you suggesting your contribution post this part of your post was helpful, because I fail to see how this is being helpful ... As others have pointed out, Gracie had spoken up at the time you posted. I'm curious why you singled her out? Leevi was on to you yesterday, so I can appreciate why you would not want to poke him today. I'd also like to hear your views on how helpful you think that Caldwell, Pascha, Leevi and Huxley have been today. I thought Caldwell's single contribution was particularly insightful. As above. Myrtle was on the radar at the end of day 1 for me for the lack of substance in her posts - case in point being the one about the hippo saying something odd, which was made with no context or explanation. And then later dismissed with something along the lines of "I got confused". For that, combined with her actions today: Vote: Myrtle Monkey There are two others that I am also interested in at this point. Brewer - I felt she had lots to say and poked a few people, but was not following through. Maybe checking to see what stuck? Also, I didn't really understand the switch of her vote to Braxton late in the day when it more than likely would make no difference. Caldwell - mostly for the only opinions he presented being parrots of Brewer's posts. Looks like Caldwell has posted while I'm typing away. I think the point still holds about his posts being particularly insightful.
  13. Not good that we lost two of our villagers. I'm ok with one of them being Braxton though, as we might have wasted part of today focusing on him again.