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  1. BAWK! Go town! BAWK!
  2. BAWK! Oh, no, it's because of your "tunnel vision" on Braxton yesterday. Poor Haydn Hippo. you are so misguided (and probably scum): I just know and that's all I can say right now. As Bennett point out, indicating that one has the same secret knowledge I do is a sure indicator of townie-ness. But as Ember Elephant has pointed out (and as Peppa Pig said on Day One) the Hellions and Monsters hate each other, so each has an interest in hiding its identity from the other group. I've said it before and I'll say it again: scum can and do night-kill people when attempting to lynch them fails. It's obvious that your words do not "clear, exonerate or defend Myrtle" and I'm surprised you feel you have to say as much. The hippo doth protest too much, methinks. How would a townie come to be in private communication with scum on Day One, and particularly after the point at which private communication is prohibited? Just as Bennett and Pascha have noted, this seems ridiculous. All post hoc rationalization. Also, this theory hinges on knowledge of how night communication works in this village. You think it's plausible that a townie could be in contact with a scum on Day One. I think this is implausible, as such a situation would be manifestly unfair to the town. You are either speculating wildly about the nature of everything in this Forest, or you are speculating about the nature of private communication because you have one kind (the scum kind) and don't know anything about the town kind. It's possible you sincerely think Ember is scum, on which point I disagree, but that is only because you need to get rid of the other scum team to win. I just think you're angry because we've caught your teammate, probably leaving you all alone as a Hellion or a Monster. BAWK!
  3. BAWK! I thought perhaps that she might not be allowed to give a gift to certain villagers just as I know that I, for example , cannot be targeted by a certain other action. Evidently not. Having had a skim through some history books written by Shifty Sheepdog and Peppa Pig, I can't find any mention of an inventor who acts during the day but we shouldn't really read much into that. What really interests me is that there is no sign of scum wholeheartedly wagoning Myrtle out of town. The following voted for Braxton but are staying away from Myrtle: Haydn Hippo, Caldwell Crocodile, Huxley Horse, Brewer Bunny. The following stayed away from the Braxton wagon but voted for Myrtle (and I'm deliberately leaving out Ember, having voted for Braxton earlier in Day One): ~yours truly~, Whitby Walrus, Leevi Lion. I find the former group far more suspect than the latter. BAWK! oops, I've made a mistake: Bennett Bulldog also stayed away from the Braxton wagon but has voted for Myrtle today. And of the people who have voted for Myrtle today, it's Gracie Goat and Leevi Lion whose reads are most up in the air for me. BAWK!
  4. BAWK! @Pascha Poodle @Huxley Horse @Haydn Hippo some opinions please? BAWK!
  5. BAWK! Did Shifty Sheepdog or Peppa Pig tell you to whom you may or may not give a gift? But do you have an opinion about who would be a good lynch candidate today? If we step back from Myrtle Monkey, then Haydn Hippo seems all right to me. @Ronan Rabbit she's already said. BAWK! BAWK! I have an idea, but let's see what Myrtle says. BAWK!
  6. BAWK! Perhaps I ate a few too many weird mushrooms in the forest, but I swear I heard Gracie Goat say something today. Not very much, but something: Curious that you've both missed that - is this your version of performative indignation? BAWK!
  7. That's incorrect: Ember Elephant voted for Gracie Goat towards the end of the day. Having looked at the results of yesterday's vote I will Vote: Myrtle Monkey for the sheepy quality of her vote for Braxton.
  8. Ah I worked it out - I wanted to make a crappy pun: "(s)expounded" but I thought that having two sets of parentheses looked weird so I put the s in square brackets and that triggered the strikethrough.
  9. BAWK! I don't need to take over the thread and make you all jealous of my ~transcendent~ cape, plus I'm waiting to see what everyone else has to say on the events of the day. @Gracie Goat, @Huxley Horse, @Leevi Lion that means you. The fact of the matter is that my comment makes perfect sense to the people it's directed at and if I say any more, I'll give it all away. I know it can be frustrating when there's obviously a secret somewhere, but rest assured I am a Villager. That said, let's get down to business: The prosecution brings one Brewer Bunny to the stand. Would you please confirm your name? Your date of birth? Your home address? All right, let's begin. You say it may be a good idea to look into those people who voted for Braxton Bear. In the very same post, you included the final vote tally from yesterday, having helpfully noted Braxton's and Cleo's names in green. However, you didn't actually go about that business. Now I know a good prosecutor never asks a question they do not know the answer to, but I am not entirely sure where I'm going, so I may not cover everything in this direct examination. Let's start with you, Ms. Bunny. You said the following in manufacturing a reason to vote for Braxton: Yet you haven't shared with us any of these magical new reads you've got. I also note that your vote brought the unfortunate bear's tally up to 7, and that you distinguish your reasons for voting from those of Myrtle's which seem "very bandwagony" (to be fair, you're right). Were you hoping someone might hammer him in the final forty minutes of the day? Curious, since the only one with a hammer might have been Braxton the blacksmith himself! Secondly, we have your exchange with Cleo. You quoted from her short career as a public speaker with the following: But you did not mention anything about waiting until day 2. From the way your original comment stands it sounds like you wanted to wait until evidence on day 1. If you had stated waiting until day 2 it would have made a little bit more since. I still don't like how you made this comment when no one else even brought up lynching Braxton. At this point people were only pointing out odd things out about his post. This alone puts you on my radar. But you did not mention anything about waiting until day 2. From the way your original comment stands it sounds like you wanted to wait until evidence on day 1. If you had stated waiting until day 2 it would have made a little bit more since. I still don't like how you made this comment when no one else even brought up lynching Braxton. At this point people were only pointing out odd things out about his post. This alone puts you on my radar. [/quote] Technically of course, she did not initially say that she didn't expect evidence on Day One. However, it's plainly obvious when Cleo (ill-advisedly) advocates waiting for evidence that she thought we shouldn't lynch until Day Two, and only a dolt could infer otherwise. You made a gross misrepresentation of the words of our poor munted minter. Что ещё? As for Huxley Horse, he had a similar "Braxton might not be scum but let's lynch him anyway" mindset. The other two voters who spring to mind are Gracie and Myrtle. Gracie said the following: When you say "the certainty thing we're all talking about" it looks like you don't have an original thought to share. Do you think you could clarify and perhaps offer a more charitable interpretation of your words? Leevi Lion already pointed out yesterday that Myrtle's vote for Braxton came shortly after Haydn pointed a finger at both her and Bennett, and it looked like she voted in order to fall in line. I must say I agree with that impression, and I wouldn't mind if Myrtle said a little more of substance today. This is especially important considering she, like Brewer, today has advocated "looking at" votes instead of actually doing so: Haydn Hippo, you have this complaint: It does matter, because they are split up and according to Peppa Pig they don't like each other. This was actually discussed yesterday. There was one idea (that I expounded) for a bit, that they might be able to join together and overpower us. But others suggested, Bennett among them, that each scum team may have to defeat the other in order to win. I found this idea more plausible later in the day, and it would not suit the scum to out themselves to each other. There have been situations where scum try to lynch someone they see as a threat, and then nightkill them if the lynch doesn't go through. BAWK! BAWK! My apologies - I don't know why the end of my post has been struck through. Please just read it as if it were not, for I mean what I say in it BAWK
  10. BAWK! Two deaths is really no good at all. Depriving villagers of their due process rights is absolutely unconscionable, and as the whirling psychedelic magistrate of Autumn Falls, I must come out against it with emphatic verbal condemnation. That doesn't make sense. Some people who get swept up in a bandwagon are townies of course, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't scrutinize who voted for whom. And, personally, I found it interesting you unvoted Braxton shortly after he had a go at the people who had latched onto the wagon - a little afraid of scrutiny, are you? We need to get to the bottom of this situation and catch the Ancient Ones of all flavors, but I am particularly anti-Monster. I wonder if anyone is anti-Hellion in a similar way? BAWK!
  11. BAWK! No mention of Caldwell Crocodile here? I voted for you because your cross-examination of our scaly friend crumpled like damp toilet paper when he gave barely a token response to your questions. You promised that you weren't done, that you had adjourned the deposition for later: But now? Still nothing. I'm rethinking my vote for the day, though. It took a direct call-out for Huxley Horse to come into the conversation and has promised his own thoughts on today's happenings, but I see nothing after three hours. I know time my flow differently past when you open the doors of perception, but his behavior is far more anti-town than Brewer's or Braxton's. So I shall Unvote: Brewer Bunny Vote: Huxley Horse I'm glad we had this digression on Braxton today, though: it's revealed Myrtle Monkey and Ember Elephant as appearing, rather counterintuitively, like sheep. I look forward to seeing what they say from the stand in coming days. BAWK!
  12. BAWK! Tick tock, Huxley, tick tock. BAWK!
  13. BAWK! It is (I think) related to the same pirate movie that Ronan Rabbit watched. There was one scum left and one townie left, and the Captain on the ship said the scum won. There was some argument about it and the Cap'n resolved to change the rules in future. This came up also in my exams at law school, which I passed with flying colours, because I am a parrot with bright plumage and definitely not a human furry who likes 3-ways. Ronan Rabbit has said it already, but you are getting tunnel vision. Schaefer Sheepdog announced the existence of three parties: one town and two mafia. Now, Hellions and Monsters are both mafia, but they are still separately-named parties. In which case a third party would necessarily actually be the fourth party in this situation. I think you're reading too much into what Braxton said. Now, how Braxton said it, with great certainty? That is concerning. Haydn and Ember have the same take here. The value of lynching is to have concrete information about a person's alignment. The value of lynching is not to provide voting patterns, which we can ascertain even without a lynch. For example, Braxton Bear has not been lynched yet but I am concerned that people are sheeping (or is it hippo-ing?) an easy lynch led by Haydn and his tunnel vision. The Braxton lynch has only four votes (I think) at the moment - you don't have to vote for him if you don't think he's guilty. I'd like one please, but could you put a bit of cuttlefish in mine? BAWK!
  14. BAWK! Objection, Your Honour hold up, I'm the Honour around here. This Hippo is quite sneakily putting words into my mouth, so I shall find him in contempt of court! Or perhaps the mechanics of intercourse discussion? Why would Haydn be so touchy about a possible third party before someone confidently asserted the existence of such party? You folded fairly quickly there. Caldwell took a long time to come out and say "yeah I guess what Cleo said was a bit weird" after several other people (including this ~fabulous~ magistrate-about-town) had already commented on her statement. Per the terms of AFC3, I shall Vote: Brewer Bunny. BAWK!
  15. BAWK! I think this modification goes all the way back to a case called def v. Bob (2019), in which the plaintiff alleged he had the right to win but the defendant didn't really want him to. We have this modification in the Autumn Falls Civil & Criminal Code to avoid falling foul of that case law in the future. Is that all, Caldwell Crocodile? Or are you asserting your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent? As one can find by reading the transcript of the quoted post, I found it interesting that Cleo Cow had a comment on the nature of Day One lynches, but no comment on the squabbles surrounding Braxton Bear. I doubt he will. To me there are two plausible situations here: either the two scum teams can team up, or they can't. Look at me, almost as eloquent as Cicero here. BAWK!