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  1. *Gives Bennett Bulldog big hugs* Mea culpa dude! be right back!
  2. There we go. If Haydn is a monster. It doesn't make sense, If Hadyn is town and Whitby is scum it doesn't make sense. so. You're the last monster. You didn't respond to anything Whitby revealed, he said he was in contact with Pierot. And after the beacon on day two, if the masonries weren't talking, it was pointless, so it's very likely the parrot cleared Whitby to you, but you were very happy to call Whitby Hellion (as was I sadly). Ember knew Whitby is town, hence his appeal to Whitby on day five and his (false) near certainty that I was scum. You voted Brewer to distance yourself from her, planning to change to me. But the pile on to Brewer happened so fast (even I voted, upsetting your plan) that you couldn't unvote without seeming scummy. So you were stuck and had to bus her, killing your last mason buddy last night and avoiding a lynch today to make it to night for a guaranteed win. Whitby. Please. If you are down, put the hammer down on him. If you are here*
  3. Vote:Bennett bulldog Proxy:Whitby Walrus if you're town, we win, if you're Hellion, you deserve the win. I can't be here for the finale. I'll see you for the cut scene
  4. Unvote: Whitby Walrus So much I don't know because we weren't able to organise and communicate and clear the air. Your role sounds like the sort of thing that wouldn't be informed if you were blocked. Correct? Unless you protected Leevi, who still died anyway. But that still, leaves a missing kill? Why? Where did it go? Failed recruitment? Unfortunately it can't help tonight, since working out who to protect will result in the other being targeted. Pierot was a mason, a day mailman and recieved inventions?!? Did he at least tell you who was in his team, if they had any abilities? It's all moot now, since they're dead and unless the final monster is lynched it's game over. Caldwell said before he was lynched that there may be another hellion out there. Day five started with five animals, and there was reasonable speculation that the scum teams were either three or two and a recruit. Since we'd seen one monster and two hellions drop, I was proceeding on the surmise that there was only one other villager out there. And that lynching the remaining hellion would cause the game to end. You were asked straight out on that day if you were and did not reply. So it was taken as read. here is what I know. The three of us are still here. Therefore there must be atleast one scum out there. There can be two, if different factions but it is very unlikely that there are three. Bennett has claimed vanilla town, anti-hellion mason. His masonry claimed is backed up by a Ember who is town. He lynched Brewer. Which utterly threw me. If you read my expectation, I thought he'd OMFGUS vote me. He proclaimed no lynch today and has disappeared. Is he planning a last minute hammer to win? Or, not knowing for sure if/which of us is scum wants to wait until night, baiting us to kill supposedly kill each other and hoping he can kill the other. Bennetts plan for today is confusing from either perspective. Whitby has claimed town bodyguard. Who else did he protect? Especially the night with the missing kill? I claimed vanilla town day two, moreover have never, as far as I know, been the target of any actions. ugh. Now I have to reread again, with more evidence of how dumb I've been I unvoted to remove the chance of last minute hammering of you if Bennett is planning that.
  5. Even now, you are keeping an appearance of town? Bennett has already said he ain't gonna lynch anyone and has been missing for most of the day. Out with it Whitby. State once and for all, whether you're a Hellion or not. If you want say you're villager, yet know for definite certain sure you were blocked, then you're saying you have a power role. What is it? Does it help? If it's the kind of role that stops you being killed at night, great, you can't be killed. If it's the kind of role that doesn't stop you being killed at night, then it makes no difference to tonight, so you may as well share. If you say you're a villager, but don't have a role, you're a scummy liar. If you say you have a role but don't share it with the remaining town player, you're a scummish fool. This is the villagers last chance for a win. You can't claim villager and not do everything to try to help If you are hellion scum, then you're trying to shade me above. You'll know exactly what I mean by Pierot's group. You'll know exactly who the monsters killed days one and two. The only reason you'd hide who you killed is you want to blame me for the death of someone I'd argued with during the day, or be left with me killing someone I'd plainly agreed with. You'll know exactly who killed Ember, and for bonus points you can share why. Or try to weasel. If you didn't kill Ember, who did you try to kill, and why? And why didn't it work? Are you confident you'll be able to kill tonight then or can you still be blocked? If you can be blocked, then the game is a stalemate and we can all go home. Which is it Whitby? Gonna come clean for a chance at the win or stay silent and be a Bennett.
  6. Yep I did the hesitation. I did the unvoting because I thought Bennett more likely. Like you, I did not know she was a monster. We do now. And here we are. You are the ass(uming animal). Can you assume please why I didn't simply kill you last night if I'm scum? If I was, and had, the fame would have been over. I wouldn't be banging my head against the Bulldogs stubborn prejudice. I was the one who flagged you as the last hellion. Do you assume that I was in some doubt? Can you assume a reason I would want you alive? if I was scum, you'd need to go for me to win. Do you assume I have been blocked? we lynched the animal that claimed blocker. Who else do you assume I killed? Can you give me the list? Because if I have a killing ability it's so secret, it's secret even from me. But you still know. Please tell me, put my mind a rest before you lynch me. Actually. I do have one serious question for you, Whitby. Was it you or Caldwell in Pierot's group?
  7. There's no point sending it to the night stage. I cannot kill Whitby because I am not scum. My only weapon is my vote, as I have said over and over. To ensure a town will there is literally one thing I can do. Vote: Whitby Walrus It comes down to if you're going to vote or not Bennett. If you want to win, for Ember, for Ronan, for Leevi, Pierot, the others and even tunnelvisioned Braxton who I was wrong about. Give up the idea I am scum, just as I have about you. Listen to the dead, take the win. Mm. This picture h-of h-a cake h-is very tasty. h-Would h-you like h-a piece h-of h-it? Haydn kills Whitby,Whitby kills Haydn - I winWe lose Haydn kills me, Whitby kills me - Scum teams stalemateWe lose Haydn kills me, Whitby kills Haydn - Hellions win Whitby kills me, Haydn kills Whitby - HellionsMonsters win If one kills and the other doesn’t, they win. If neither of you kill or one chooses to block (if you can do that) this stalemate continues indefinitely. Weigh your options carefully.
  8. aYou know what? You've had your head up your blocks about me since day one. You don't like my playstyle, fine. But if you're not going to even bother playing today, I'm just going to proxy my vote to Whitby, give the Hellions the win at day's end and get on with actual life. You can deal with the ghost of Ember and how you lost him the game by not listening.
  9. According to a book I found in Pierot's library, masonries are often set up so they can't be recruited by the team they oppose, just as they can't recruit from that team. Day 2 Leevi wonders about the size of the teams. And speaks about recruiting. And Ember and I discussed it at the start of day 4. the mason teams were two with a possible recruit. It would seem like a nice symmetry if the scum teams had the same start conditions. if the one of the teams recruited and one didn't, that would explain so much of the confusion of day 5, and also why we're sitting here day 6. The way I see your options. Option 1: Hadyn and Bennett lynch Whitby. Game ends, villagers win (in spite of my stupidity) Option 2: Whitby and Bennett lynch Hadyn. Night six Whitby kills Bennett, Hellions win. Option 3: Whitby votes Bennett, Hadyn laughs at him. Option 3 ain't gonna happen, and leads to Option 4: We no lynch. Whitby kills either Bennett or Hadyn and in the morning has 50% of town and no other scum. Hellions win. But you do you, Hervi knows I've done little to earn your trust. I've lived hard, but cluelessly. It must have been a much more fun life for each of you with other players to night-talk to.
  10. Dammit. You're right. Either you're both scum, or Brewer lied about blocking you. But she'd only lie about blocking you if you were on her team and a monster not a hellion. But her lie kept you alive, so it served its purpose? But you lynched her. Why bus her when I'd served you a lynch case on a plate for Bennett? So you can't be on her team. Unless she didn't block you and either skipped killing or blocked someone else, expecting her reporting of a block to result in your lynch, not counting on the fear Bennet posted first that there were still two monsters around. She couldn't correct that without exposing herself. There cannot have been two monsters left yesterday. We'd never have lynched Brewer if that were the case. So Brewer must have been the last monster. Which means there's only a hellion left. It's not me, and town ember has confirmed it cannot be Bennett. Bennett. Are you the town inventor? Did your action fail on night four, which is why you were certain Brewer was scum and needed to be lynched? Mea culpa then. Remember, your weapon is your vote. Use it. If you vote, I will vote for whoever you do, even if you think it should be me.
  11. Not so fast, Bennett. Either I owe you a large apology for suspecting you or props for manipulating everything so well, There was only one kill last night. The simplest explanation is there is only one scum left. The only other time we saw only one kill was when Brewer claimed she blocked Whitby. Of course, she could have been lying about being the blocker, but I rate that unlikely. I think the best course of action is to lynch Whitby.
  12. Dude. I actually laid out a case right in front of you as to what I was going to do and why, and what I thought the other animals might do. Unvote: Brewer Bunny If Brewer was my scum buddy, why would I have bothered doing that? If we were monsters together any lynch that isn't us would be fine. The much! easier play would have been to fluffily moan about it being hopeless, that there's no way town can win, that even now, there's uncertainty about who the last Hellion is (is it Whitby? Is it me? Is it no one because Caldwell is a lying scum bag?). I could throw in some speculation about what happens if we don't lynch a monster, since everyone else is saying that. Then when voting opens, me and my scum buddy put our dastardly plan into effect. We do nothing. When a vote drops on anyone who isn't us, one of us niggles at the vote, making people more sure they're right. Perhaps voting for our scum buddy as a last minute bus wifom. Then the other piles on the vote that isn't us, pointing at the vote on us to give clear reason who the monster team is. Except....that's not what I did. I played out in the open, not getting in someone's ear and niggling away. I said what and why. I showed how the villiagers can and should still win. I have had people calling me scummy all game long. Caldwell, Gracie, Whitby, Bennett. I have had votes put on me, but not seriously in danger of being lynched. I have unfortunately not been night killed. I assumed I had been kept by scum as being scummy enough to be a useful last day lynch, and kept by villagers as just being useful. I talk about stuff, pull at details, lay out cases, and follow through when it's time to vote. Sometimes I get stuff wrong, (Braxton is the most egregious example) Sometimes I do better. My non-first-vote scum list is 3-1 with two remaining. Ronan I got wrong. Who's left? Whitby, who practically everyone has identified as the remaining Hellion. And Bennett. I have played as a villager. Clearly, openly, without dodging the hard questions, being absent or retreating into private conversations to make my case. I get that Bennett cannot (does not want to) see that. For the rest of you, it should make sense. I should have stuck by my first call, it is more obvious than ever. Vote: Bennett Bulldog Dammit. I added the unvote while writing which changes how the following paragraph reads. Dammit. The why would I have done that refers to open planning did case-building. Nothing to do with the unvote, which could have gone anywhere but I put toward the front for drama. Because I'm a drama-hippo. Whitby. If you're a Hellion, take out the monster killer. Brewer, Ember. One of you is a villager, it is still possible for us to win. Take out the monster killer. Ember, Brewer, whichever of you is the last monster, your final grasp is to bus your buddy first, making Whitby think the other is the last monster. He targets them tonight and you kill or block him, giving you the game or taking it to a final day, you Whitby and I, where I will hand you the win for good play. You know I'm villager, you know I'll keep my word there.
  13. I don't know. I still think it's possible that both Ember and Bennett are monsters together and their 'masonry' is a cover. Ronan the townie is not alive to corroborate their story. My preferred theory, which I laid out and voted on, is that yes, Bennett and Brewer are monsters. Brewer is the blocker, Bennett the killer. You might possibly know for certain she is a blocker. And unless they can pass roles to keep the kill, I'd rather lynch the killer than the blocker. Plus lynching Bennett covers the case of what if Ember is a scummy liar too. Like I said, that's not my preferred theory, but it can't be dismissed. Thus Bennett's vote for her is an elaborate ploy and he and Ember will unvote late to cause a no lynch. Everyone has already proven that votes are fluid. As it was, Bennett reached four votes, indicating (if he is a monster) that his teammate bussed him. The same can now be said for Brewer. There are other possible theories. I don't have the same information you do to be able to eliminate options. It all depends on how much you're willing to say in public in order to give your team a shot at a win.
  14. Wow. Ok. I thought we'd talked about this, Whitby. But if that's the way you want to go, and you're certain Ember is town. Unvote: Bennett Bulldog Vote: Brewer Bunny We'll see a very messy night. But hey, if I go that's a win for you right?
  15. So far, so much expected. Ember. I know you've got Bennett constantly in your ear, it's hard. so far though, no one has come out with new information that changes my analysis above. That's why I haven't commented. i maintain the plan is to lynch a monster today. Then tonight in order to have any chance of winning, the remaining scum must target the other scum, hoping the other loses their nerve and targets town, or gets confused about who is who. but let's examine the move you've made. if you posit that Brewer is a scum blocker, then she isn't a scum killer. Unless scum can pass roles around to mitigate against losing members, I dunno. I can't see how removing someone who can potentially reduce the number of deaths we have as a good thing to do. dont resort to name calling, play the ball, not the man.