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  1. Well played everyone! I throughly enjoyed this game, and had a great time working with my fellow Hellions. Sorry Town and Monsters, you fought hard. Whitby/ TariqJ you did absolutely brilliantly staying cool in the later stages of the game, and you didn't give up! You brought it home for the win, well played! Croc/Trekkie99, I had a lot of fun playing on a team with you. I believe everyone in this game played well, and it has been the most pleasant and cordial game I have played, although I may yet be proved wrong! I have lots more to say, but I'll come back later as "me" to say it. I must, however, say a massive Thank You to Hinckley for a fabulous and fun game, impeccably curated with hilarious cut scenes and a stunning MOC. Everything about your game was wonderful, and as a tribute to TinyPies it was entirely fitting. I'm pretty sure he would have loved it.
  2. And yet you still manage to not say anything. This is what we've been waiting for? Some half-assed theory that Bennett must be scum because he didn't receive an invention from Myrtle? Schaefer specifically promised this wasn't going to be experimental and was even upfront about there being two scum factions, and yet you come up with a convoluted plan about how the town inventor can't give actions to town, or specifically one scum faction. Not that Myrtle was blocked, or that there was some kind of jail-keeper action on Bennett, which would be a lot simpler. If you really think Bennett is scum, then let's hear all your reasoning for thinking so, unless that was it. Enough already. Unvote: Ronan Rabbit the scummy and Vote: Huxley Horse the also scummy.
  3. It is yet another inconsistency in your post, which is scummy. That's my point. It's real nice to have your permission, but I think I've made it pretty clear that I think you're scummier. Huxley'd already been voted for and he still now hasn't bothered showing. I doubt another vote from me at the point you say this is gonna give him a burst of talkativeness and anyway I think it's much more likely you are scum. OMFG Mr Prickly Pants, yes I have. My point was that you were stating the goddamn obvious that in a list of six out of ten of us, there'd be some scum in it. It isn't some revelation, there's no clever deductions or math, it's basically a list of people that you're not on so you can say "look at them, don't look at me". Yeah, I get the theory behind it, which is flimsy as I said, and the conclusion is just... I could write out a random list of six people and still be pretty confident there's scum on that list because that's really obvious. "Oh I know I'm town, so I'm not on the list" well that's garbage, because the reason you gave was that you weren't on the list because of all your amazing working out. That's inconsistent. It would have been more convincing if you'd had a list which you were on, and then removed yourself from it because you "know you're town". And you're like "it is completely fine for me to pick someone at random from this completely rubbish list I have pulled out of my ass" - have you not being paying attention? You think that according to the laws of mafia which are super-relevant in this situation and the universe follows exclusively you've managed to come up with a list of all scum, as you only now say?? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I know you've got that bit wrong. I'm just left wondering if you really were amazed by your own deductions. At least you can remember I'm a goat this time. I am much more convinced Ronan is scum, so I'm going to hold my vote, but I'll change it to Huxley if necessary.
  4. But Myrtle said she was blocked on day two, and now we know she was town it's probably safe to assume she was telling the truth, we just don't know if it was town or scum who blocked her. So maybe if it was a scum action that would lend more weight to the alternating night theory. You were/are hella defensive. No, it took you nearly fifteen minutes to type that single, short sentence, so you really, really weren't as quick. You're deliberately missing my point. You singled out an animal. It was right at the beginning of the day, Haydn had even posted and said "I'll be back in a bit" after Caldwell posted some fluff reaction stuff. Hardly anyone else had even turned up yet and you basically said "he'd better say something more substantial" when other animals hadn't even said anything at all, and Huxley has barely even neighed anything the entire time other that how busy he is not being here. So now you and Brewer are like "we only noticed how inactive he was because we saw him posting" which is messed up. And you shouldn't need me to ask you for you to consider whether someone might be scum or not, unless you already know. I think you basically picked what you thought was an easy lynch and decided to "casually" lay some ground work for it, and that in my eyes is scummy as hell. So I Vote: Ronan Rabbit I really don't get this "don't look at the guy who isn't saying anything at all!", now also from you. I am a Goat not a bunny, but I agree with what you're saying about Ronan. You've given us a list of six animals out of ten (that you're not on) and you're willing to bet there's scum amongst them? I'd eat my hat if there wasn't! Do you really think that applying kinda simplified "rules" will be relevant in a game with two scum teams both trying to get rid of each other? And it looks like you're just picking someone at random with the "teeny meeny" stuff. Another one of the "lets ignore the guy who isn't even here". And another. It's Day 3. How long do we wait?
  5. Yikes! A couple of people ask you some questions and you become as prickly as a cactus! Why so defensive? I just don't get how you're ok calling out one animal in their very own specific post for not contributing enough, but you're like "oh well I never said I wasn't concerned about Huxley". It's massively inconsistent, and then you say "yeah, well it's what he says" and "well Caldwell talks so much I notice him not saying anything". And even then, in the same post, you literally just said: So why didn't he get his own post calling him out on it? Oh, because you already think he might just be busy farming, right? Like you also said? Make up your mind. Make what call? To the FBI? Or make a call on his alignment? Nobody asked you to, this is a weird over-reaction. Your whole entire post you really sound like you're defending Huxley with all your might, because even when you say he's useless you say he's only useless if he's not scum. Yeah, either is possible, of course they are, that's not what I was asking, so I don't know why you're trying to answer that question for Ember. Unless you're just saying something for the sake of saying something.
  6. To have not nabbed a scum by now is seriously worrying, and I'm gonna stay up in my tree for now. It sounds like the consensus view is that Pierrot was killed because of his anti-monster comments in the thread. I can believe that, but he was also very vocal and active, so it also could have just been that that got him killed. I think he spoke a lot of sense most of the time. You say here that you think there's two scum teams of three, but I don't know why you think that. Pierrot said he thought there were two scums, because he thought we were lynching Haydn's partner, and leaving Haydn all alone, and I don't see why there would be a difference between the monsters and hellions. If we're already outnumbered then we really, really need to lynch scum today. Whilst I agree with you, why are you not at all concerned about Huxley Horse's contributions? All Huxley says is that he's busy farming. He's only spoken like four times in total, and only one of those was to even say he was actually here in the first place. The scum teams taking it in turns to kill does kinda make sense with a vig, but would we have a vig when Autumn Falls is so small? What do you think the scum teams do when they don't have a kill? It seems likely now that someone blocked Myrtle after all, so there's that, but do you think there's a risk they could be attempting conversions on the nights they aren't killing? Did they kill Pierrot because they thought what he said in the thread meant he couldn't be converted?
  7. The open secret message thing is unsettling, but this actually makes sense to me, I'm just really surprised it was Ember who said it. This is weird. You're saying you thought Braxton was the best chance for a lynch, even though you're also saying you voted for him second so nowhere near being lynched. It sounds like you weren't concerned whether he was scum or not, you just wanted to lynch someone and thought you could pile on. I was getting worried about how the votes were piling on for you, but this is scummy enough for me to vote for you. Vote: Myrtle Monkey Yeah I don't fully get why Ember changed his mind and that is a reasonable point, but why are both you and Myrtle saying I haven't said anything when I have? And only you mentioned that Huxley Horse hasn't said anything, not Myrtle, neither of you have mentioned Leevi Lion, and it's not as if Pascha's been saying loads either. I feel like you're picking me out and I don't like it. I'm gonna scream loudly so you all know I'm here Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!
  8. As Caldwell says, at least there aren't three dead townies, but two dead isn't good at all. We do at least have more information knowing Braxton was town after all, so that helps us look back, but if it was a vig that took out Braxton, as some people are claiming, then why would scum take out Cleo, who was looking scummy enough to be called out yesterday? That bit doesn't make sense to me, along with a few other things some people are saying. You posted while I was posting. The certainty thing was that other people had been talking about how Braxton seemed sure there were 4 factions and that made him look scummy to them, and I was agreeing with those people in addition to the things I'd said that I thought made him scummy. I'll have to go back and check who they were if you want me to. Why are there weird symbals in your post, and why is some of it crossed out?
  9. It's pretty hard to analyse the voting patterns without actually lynching someone. Sure, we can all vote here and there, but if you don't think you'll end up lynching the person you vote for then the pattern will be different, won't it? You suppose you're being slightly contradictory? You're like "It's townie to lynch, so even though Haydn thinks he's scummy and I don't I'm gonna vote Braxton cuz it's Townie, and Haydn said he might have tunnel vision and I don't agree with it, although I'll just drop in a pretty good reason to vote for him right at the end" He's being tunnel visioned? The votes are literally spread out over like 6 people right now, and Haydn like once said he might have tunnel vision and the only other person who agreed with that other than you was Pierrott, but it's not like the only thing anyone is talking about is Braxton. So you're saying you thought he was scummy, then he did a load of scummy stuff that you also think was scummy, but his "defensive and odd" behavior isn'r scummy. Including the revenge vote, that you're now copying for like the same reason? I don't think Haydn or anyone else "tore him to shreds". And it's clearly not an easy lynch with the votes spread out and no majority reached. I think lynching Braxton will tell us a lot about Bennett and Ember, and that's how voting patterns are supposed to work, cuz we won't get that insight to those two without actually convicting the bear. Oh, and he said "Bring it on Bitches" not "Bandwagoning Bitches". Maybe he said that somewhere else, I dunno.
  10. The flavour to your posts makes it difficult for me to understand you. Can you please explain that again more plainly? I agree with Leevi and Whitby and even yourself that you've not really said anything constructive, and I don't understand how you're starting the lynch early if you're the second person to vote. What's what it was? I still don't get what you were actually trying to say. What was the odd thing the hippo said? I still don't much like how Braxton rammed that "us, townies" bit on the end of that sentence in his post, and he also hasn't really said anything much about the rest of the town along with the certainty thing we're all talking about so I Vote: Braxton Bear It's made from the finest silk, which is also delicious. Mmeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh! I will happily sell you some to either wear or munch on, although some of it might be pre-chewed..
  11. Ok so I agree with you about Braxton Bear, because that "Townie" thing looked just rammed on the end, and him saying "definately" about there being a four way fight is just too certain for my liking. I also agree with you (I think?) about Cleo Cow saying we shouldn't lynch anyone today, but it seems like you're saying that's not scummy, and I thought that was actually always referred to as scummy, and if you don't think it's scummy then why are you mentioning it? Also, you were talking about what Schafer said: and I actually thought that the "control 50%" thing means the scum have conversions, because I don't think you usually control people by killing them, and if it was then he'd just say "outnumber" wouldn't he? I was reading when you posted this. You basically said "It's fine" and then you posted again real quick and added the last line which looks like you're backtracking. And everyone's speculating but they're not saying it? How do you know they're speculating if they're not saying it? Or are you seeing it said somewhere else? What was the odd thing the hippo said? It sounds like you're throwing shade, but I thought the hippo called out Braxton like Caldwell and Pierot and now me and maybe Bennet did?
  12. I do not like the sound of this at all with Hellions and Monsters to deal with! Mmeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh! I think that's a great idea, and I can sell you the 20-50 yards of silk you'll want for that.
  13. Hello friends Gracie Goat with some nice silks for sale here!