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  1. Well, if we still have 2 monsters left then good job to them as they have just won this game of life. If we don't then one of the other possibility's I stated above is likely and there is still hope for a town victory. I would still encourage some of the other animals to use there brains and listen too what I have said above. I think we spent too much time this day pretending we know for a fact exactly who is who on what team and the where and the why and all that, myself included in that criticism. There is still time to change the outcome of this day though, so if you want to secure a town victory then I would say Haydn is our best shot. Not likely it will happen though. Just know that you will no longer have any town PR's tonight unless someone has been keeping quiet. Good luck to you all and don't get too traumatized if the monster's mash in a graveyard smash.
  2. Oh boy this is not good. For that one town member among you just know that my lynch will most certainly result in a monster win. Though honestly thinking about the chances of the town winning are very slim. I can only block one killer at night. So even if you do change your minds and we eventually end up lynching a monster, then only one will be blocked tonight, thus the other team are free to kill whoever they please. This all ends with 3 left and one from each team tomorrow. I guess its a draw. But as I would much rather have a draw then a clear monster win I persuade the one other townie to change to someone else, preferably one of the antis as one of them are positively a monster. Actually seeing as how this is directed at the only townie and as I have said before the only other townie is most likely on the team I persuade you to vote for the other. I have been thinking about which one of the two could be the monster. Currently my vote is on Bennett who I still have mus suspicions about. But there is an interesting thought that has been brought up. This is very true, I can't really think of a good reason why a monster would recruit a townie, and he is right about Caldwell claiming the kill. If Bennet truly is town then that must mean Ember is the monster. But if that's the case then why would he change his vote and push so hard for a lynch against someone else? Surely he would be OK with any lynch as long as its not him? This is causing trauma, I think I need a therapist. As I have said before Whitby and Haydn are definitely scum, but unlike the rest of you I do not know which one is on which team. You all seem to think Whitby is a hellion positively, while I think its possibly I see nothing to suggest he is not a monster. I think its a very 50/50 split as to what team he belongs too. But like I said its 50/50, him could be a hellion and lynching him would lead to a monster victory. Haydn is 50/50 for me as well. That's all of us. I have reasons for not voting for all of you as I think there is a good amount that stops me from believing you are a monster. I have seen this brought up a bit but something is telling me that it's possible after all this analysis. Is it possible that we never started out with 3 members on one team? If we did start out with 3 that would leave 9 town to fight 6 scummos, not the best odds for town and even a little unfair really thinking about it. I am starting to think we started out with possibly 2 on each team and probably the power to recruit. If what I just said is true then that leaves a lot more possibility's. One Monster Left (Neither team recruited) - Ember and Bennett town, Whiby town as he was blocked and still a kill, Haydn must be the last monster. Two Monster Left (Hellions failed to recruit) - Ember and Bennett town, Whitby and Haydn monster. One Monster Left, One Hellion Left (Monsters failed to recruit) - Anythings possibly really. Two Monsters Left, One Hellion (Both teams recruited, same situation as we are in if we started out with 3) - Haydn and Whitby definitely scum on uncertain team, either Ember or Bennett. are scum. In 3/4 of the scenarios I said above Haydn is scum. The only problem is that is its the last scenario then I am unsure what team she belongs too, and as we all know we must lynch monster in order to have a draw at the very least. I know its an odd thing to say but Whiby if you are a hellion now would be a great time to reveal it. That's not happening but oh well. I think I have to go with mu gut on this one and vote for Haydn as he is scum in 3-4 of the possibility's and I am very conflicted on the Bennett-Ember team. Unvote: Bennett Bulldog Vote: Haydn Hippo Do what you think is right whoever the hell is still town.
  3. Vote: Bennett Bulldog See above for reasoning.
  4. If we go with 2 town, 2 monsters, and 1 hellion being the current predicament then I think one of you would have to be a monster, but it would also mean that the other is definitely town as the anti-hellion group would be quite pointless if not. Either that or Haydn's theory about both of you faking masons is true, which I don't fully believe. Do you really believe Whitby is just going to come out and admit he's scum? I guess Caldwell did so that yesterday, but I would not put too much faith into that happening again. Especially if he is the last of his team. OK now this is something I am very interested in. So far Bennett is the only one who seems to have been given a inventor action. It also happened to be a protection action that he used on himself. Whitby brings up a good point questioning why the inventor never claimed on day 2 once Myrtle claimed. Maybe there was never another inventor and Bennett is making it all up. Possibly throwing the scent towards somewhere else for the other team to go after? It makes somewhat sense. As a brave man once said we are in the Endgame now (sorry). At this point I think Whitby is something, monster or hellion I am not sure but he is bad none the less. There has got to be a scum in the anti's somewhere, and obviously they have to be a monster. That would make the other town as the like I said above the anti-team would be useless if they are both scum. That leaves Haydn to also be a scum based off of the process of elimination. The monsters are closest to winning so I would very much prefer to take one of them out today. Haydn and Whitby could be either one of the teams and thus I don't want to lynch them today. However the scum in the anti-hellion group must be a monster, so I would very much prefer to lynch them today. I think the inventor theory above is possible and a lot of us would be OK with lynching Bennett as shown above. So when the time comes I will vote for him.
  5. I blocked Whitby Walrus last night, as looking back he was middle of the road-ish on day 3 and did not end up voting for Huxley. Thought maybe blocking him would be a good idea. My block was once again successful. We still had a kill last night, though only one. I will try to say more latter.
  6. Well I guess you confirmed it then. Not sure how much of what you just said is true though. I would ask you more questions but it's clear nothing from your smelly teeth have ever bared truths.
  7. Still not answering the question of why did you kill the animals you did. I am particularly interested on your claimed kill on Pascha.
  8. Any reasons for these particular kills? Vote: Caldwell Crocodile Oh wait, did I forget to mention I am the town blocker? Night 1 I blocked Braxton due to my suspicious on the previous day. Night 2 I blocked Ember Elephant for the same reason. Night 3 I blocked Caldwell.... For the same reason. All of my blocks proved too be successful. So if my night 3 block proved to be successful then why or why was Ronan killed last night? Did one of your scummy friends commit the act? I think it is very possible.
  9. That's interesting and makes sense. Though I do hope you understood why me and a few other animals were confused by all the anti comments on day two. Would it make sense for them too be both monsters though? What would be the point of the team in that case? The only way this works is if they are lying about the whole anti-hellion role, which I don't think they are as Pierot seemed to be apart of a similar anti-monster group.
  10. Well that went rather well for us! I had doubts about the lynch and thought it may turn out bad for the town, but I am very gladly proven wrong. Also good too see another scum taken out during the night. Interesting to note that it seems Huxley and Gracie were not on the same team. Sad to hear we lost a loyal rabbit last night but we shall avenge her. Day 1 Final Vote Tally Braxton Bear: 7 (Haydn Hippo, Myrtle Monkey, Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, Caldwell Crocodile, Huxley Horse, Brewer Bunny) Haydn Hippo: 2 (Braxton Bear, Bennett Bulldog) Myrtle Monkey: 3 (Leevi Lion. Whitby Walrus, Cleo Cow) Huxley Horse: 2 (Pascha Poodle, Pierot Parrot) Gracie Goat: 1 (Ember Elephant) Non-voters: 0 Day 2 Myrtle Monkey: 7 (Pierot Parrot, Ember Elephant, Whitby Walrus, Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, Leevi Lion, Huxley Horse)Ronan Rabbit: 1 (Myrtle Monkey)Caldwell Crocodile: 1 (Brewer Bunny)Leevi Lion: 1 (Pascha Poodle)Ember Elephant: 1 (Haydn Hippo)Non-voters: 2 (Caldwell Crocodile, Bennett Bulldog) Day 3 Final Vote Tally Caldwell Crocodile: 1 (Ronan Rabbit) Huxley Horse: 7 (Bennett Bulldog, Leevi Lion, Haydn Hippo, Caldwell Crocodile, Brewer Bunny, Ember Elephant, Gracie Goat) Haydn Hippo: 1 (Whitby Walrus) Bennett Bulldog: 1 (Huxley Horse) I said yesterday that Huxley Horse, Gracie Goat, and Ronan Rabbit had all voted for the main lynch for days one and two. Seeing as how they have all died and two of them were scum it seems I was right in my thought that we should have kept an eye on them. While I had Caldwell at the top of my suspect list yesterday, he did seem to be annoyed with the fact not a lot of animals were looking at Huxley, and thus I get the impression he is not a monster. Could possibly be a hellion I suspect. I don't know if I would say this is suspicious but I looked back at the words written of yesterday and our friend Ember said very little. Well that itself would not be too bad, but his 3 post did not were not very helpful. Not much discussion of the days events and instead a post about a possibility about what happened in the night, a vote for Caldwell for fluffy post (I agree with the vote but no mentions of his actions on that day), and then another vote for Huxley just to get a lynch. There is nothing relating to any of the discussions that took place on day 3. A lot happened yesterday, and I find it odd Ember did not mutter anything of relevance. After Huxley slid by almost unnoticed, maybe we should go after the ones who don't talk much. Ember I found you suspicious on day 2 but thought Caldwell was being scummier. You are now beeping up my radar a bit. At the very least I would love more thoughts from you today with relevance to current topics.
  11. I would be much more comfortable lynching Caldwell, but it seems unlikely that will happen with the few hours that remain. Looking at who is closest to the end it seems that person is to be Huxley. It is odd how after the entire day where he was discussed quite a lot he failed to make a single appearance. I think a no lynch would be bad, and Huxley has been pretty useless so I will Unvote: Caldwell Crocodile Vote: Huxley Horse
  12. Thanks for reminding us! Now we can be sure to cross you off all of our suspicious animals list because you have voted first both days! You must be town! Really though you reminding everyone here of that info which is only partially true really makes you look more scummy to me. You'r basically saying "scum do this and guess what I have not done that so I must not be scum!". No taco, not all of us are carnivore's. While I disagree with a lot of what Haydn said I do think you should make a vote. You seem to have something against Haydn. Why not make a vote? It's not like it's permanent. I am talking more about you then Huxley because you are actively making fluffy post and odd statements. Huxley has barley said anything and thus my attention is on him a lot less, though I have mentioned him as someone to keep an eye out on. Though I do find it interesting how its only after you have been called and it may lead to somewhere, do you start actually attacking people and not just saying what others have already stated. I think Caldwell fluffy post, sheepish day one vote, no day two for the reason of there was nobody to vote for, and his odd attacks today make me comfortably in voting for the croc. Vote: Caldwell Croc So Caldwell is this still day one? Or is it day two? Shall you vote or shall you not vote? I am interested too see who you think is worthy of the end today.
  13. I understand if you were not interested in Myrtle's lynch, once she claimed inventor I did not want to lynch her either. But really? There was not a single other person you found a little suspicious. If none of the people who you thought were scummy had any votes then be the first. Sitting back and allowing them to go unvoted is quite unhelpful, and you will never get anyone else to follow you if you don't make the first step. Also while day two may not be the day with the most info it is still an impotent day, calling it similar to day one is not a good excuse to withhold a vote. By my examination you did happen to make a vote on day one though. So you voted for day 1 but not the day 2 but sort of day 1? Got it. Why is it scummy? Because we are mentioning you and your scummy behaviors?
  14. Well judging on the history of similar tales, there is very likely a scummo hiding somewhere in the main lynches. It seems Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, and Huxley Horse have all been involved with the main lynch. None of them have stood out as odd to me except for Gracie and Huxley being quiet. But it may be a good idea to keep a good eye on all three of them today. I also agree with your post under this in wanting to hear more from Caldwell today. He has said a good amount but a lot of it lack's input to finding scum. Not only that but his day one vote was quite sheepish and his day two vote was well..... I understand you unvoting for Myrtle, but I wish you would have made some type of replacement vote in the process. You seem to have been a little suspicious toward Haydn. Any reason you did not vote for Haydn in your unvote post?