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  1. I'm not the last monster. I had ample time to unvote Brewer yesterday. If we were teammates all we had to do was kill the last Hellion last night and would have won! Truth be told, I don't understand anything that's happened last 24 hours. Whitby's revelations are extremely ill-timed, I don't know why he was holding that until literally the last minute. He has to be Hellion and Haydn monster. Recruiting doesn't fit. the real puzzle is why whitby would vote me instead of using both his votes (which is stupid imo) to finish you off, Haydn. Game ends in a stalemate between scum teams! I'm sorry if this comes off as coarse, I'm in a rush and have other things to do. Everything that's happened today has been extremely frustrating, especially our sheep dog allowing proxy voting. Seriously, what the **** I might need to take a break from mafia for a bit. Ember trusted me enough to vote Brewer on my word. I would have killed someone else last night. ugh.
  2. That’s extraordinarily frustrating. I know I’m town, I’m anti-Hellion and there’s no reason I would have lynched my teammate yesterday when we so close to winning, so I know Haydn and Whitby aren’t on the same team or we wouldn’t be here right now. If Haydn is Monster and Whitby is town, proxying his vote makes no sense. He just has to get to the night stage to win. If Haydn is Monster and Whitby is Hellion, it maybe makes sense in a final spiteful move to make sure I don’t win. He hands the victory to the Hellion. If Haydn is town and Whitby is Hellion, there’s no monsters left which doesn’t make sense because Brewer couldn’t block and kill on the same night. In conclusion, I’m once again fairly confident it’s 1-1-1 and the best course for town would be to no-lynch, but that won’t happen since Haydn has quite literally handed Whitby the win. Sigh.
  3. That complicates things. 8 hours left. Whitby why did you wait so long to say anything? I’m not sure. If you’re telling the truth that means Haydn is the last Monster, but that means scum teams are uneven and there has to be a recruit, but I don’t know where the recruit fits in! Was Brewer lying about blocking you the night Leevi was killed? Who did you protect each night?
  4. Really? Don’t proxy your vote Haydn. That’s lame. Send it to the night stage.
  5. Not even bother playing today? I’m here, aren’t I? My win condition is to eliminate all enemies of the town, and the only way to accomplish that at this point is to send the game to Night 6 and see what happens. Casting a random vote to decide if Monsters or Hellions win would be throwing in the towel. I don’t know why, I’m sorry Haydn, but you’ve seemed scummy to me all game. If you are town, I owe you a big apology, and yes I cost us the game, but based on your interactions with Brewer yesterday and my understanding of how the scum teams were originally set up I’m very confident you’re the last Monster. It’s not personal. If you want to proxy your vote to screw me over, go for it, but I don’t think you can even do that. Take your chances in the night stage. Haydn kills Whitby, Whitby kills Haydn - I win Haydn kills me, Whitby kills me - Scum teams stalemate Haydn kills me, Whitby kills Haydn - Hellions win Whitby kills me, Haydn kills Whitby - Monsters win If one kills and the other doesn’t, they win. If neither of you kill or one chooses to block (if you can do that) this stalemate continues indefinitely. Weigh your options carefully.
  6. Controls 50% of the town is standard operating procedure, it doesn’t imply recruitment. I am not the town inventor. I have no action. If we take you can’t kill and recruit same night, there’s not much opportunity for anybody to have been recruited. Haydn, you’ve been scummy all game and the way you played off of Brewer before trying to distance yourself yesterday makes me confident you’re Monster, and we’re back to a one to one to one stalemate.
  7. Or you both killed Ember. I think it’s safe to assume scum teams were even to begin with, and there’s been no talk of recruiting. You know for a fact I’m not Hellion. I’m not Monster either. I delivered you Brewer. Whitby and I both saw how you worked in tandem with Haydn yesterday, and your attempts at distancing yourself from him after I flipped the lynch around were weak at best. You can try and save face but we all know each other’s allegiances at this point. Option 1: Haydn and I lynch Whitby. Monsters win. Option 2: Whitby and I lynch Haydn. Hellions win. Option 3: Both of you team up and lynch me. Stalemate. Town loses, but neither scum team wins. Option 4: We no-lynch. Whoever successfully kills the other scum wins. If one of you kills me and the other kills the killer, they win. You both kill me and stalemate. Or you kill each other and I win. As of now, I won’t vote, since Option 4 is the only way town wins. Change my mind. **worked in tandem with Brewer yesterday
  8. I knew it. I knew it. I megablocking knew it. I’m the last Villager, Whitby is the last Hellion, and Haydn is the last Monster. How horrifying. If you two want to team up to lynch me, and sort everything out in the night, go for it, but know I won’t vote today. I’ll just pray you kill each other at night and I win this whole thing for Ember. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, my fallen friend.
  9. I’m sweating bullets over here.
  10. Last minute bus move to obfuscate the final voting patterns, I think, in case we go to Day 6. I’m still confident we got it right - you and I are town, Whitby is Hellion, and Haydn and Brewer are Monsters. Look at how Brewer and Haydn voted for me in tandem right after voting opened.
  11. I can’t see if Whitby has visited us recently. Whitby, if you’re out there, you’ve all but confirmed you’re the last Hellion. The only way you keep it going is for you to help the town lynch Brewer so you can’t be blocked tonight. Do it for the children.
  12. Whitby, if you’re the last Hellion, you have to unvote me and go for Brewer. Otherwise he’ll block you tonight and Haydn will kill you and that’ll be it. Likewise, Ember, I now know you’re Town. If you were Monster there would be no reason to not keep your vote on me. You, me, and Whitby can lynch Brewer. This game might have one last twist left in it. 31 hours. Clock is ticking.
  13. Since it was last post of the first page quoting to increase visibility. Do not go quietly into the night, my friends.
  14. Search your feelings, fellow animals. You know this to be wrong. Does it not concern you how quickly these votes piled up? If I were Monster I would probably would have recruited a scumbuddy to the anti-Hellion masonry then killed Ember. But I didn’t. I recruited Ronan and had nothing to do with his death. Remember? Caldwell claimed credit for Ronan’s demise. I agree with Whitby’s vote analysis that Brewer/me, Haydn/me and Ember/Brewer are not the same team. I disagree that voting for Huxley and having him flail about and latch on to my inability to receive an invention means we were bussing each other. He was grasping at straws to at least put up some sort of coherent defense and name an alternate lynch. There’s still time to turn this around and lynch Brewer. Ember and I are town. Whitby is the last Hellion. Haydn and Brewer are monster killer and blocker, respectively. Final answer. Time is up.
  15. I realize now that last line sounds weird since I’m town and I can’t win I so I shouldn’t care who wins between Monsters and Hellions. The point I’m trying to make is we should be trying to stretch this as long as possible by lynching Monster today. Who knows what might happen or what mechanics are still in play? For example I still don’t know where my protection action came from.