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  1. DaniGG


    And that's the perfect translation ^^ Literal translation of yours "Me llamo Leafan" will be "I'm called Leafan" which is not idiomatic ^^ Any doubt, you can test DeepL with any complex text, side by side with G Translate and compare XD.
  2. DaniGG


    G Translate is a very bad alternative. Try https://www.deepl.com/translator
  3. DaniGG


    *Me llamo leafan. Thank you all.
  4. Yes, you did! Thank you very much, this will help a lot.
  5. Hello Lego builders. I'm new in this forum, I just got myself introduced, this is my second post ^^ Thing is I'm new to online Lego resources, and I just got my hands on the book aforementioned, which has a part list in the last pages, but, that list doesn't have part number IDs. I stumbled across another part list at Isogawa website but it's not the same part list in the book. Actual question is ┬┐do you know if that part list exist ready to buy on brickLink or another site like that? I've searched quite a while but I'm not finding it. Just to avoid repeating the work of matching the elements (minus parts I already have, interesting functionality I found in Rebrickable, but not other sites), and adding it to a cart, if this is already done (if not, I will do myself and publish the list, if this is possible). Hoping you can point me in the right direction. Thank you for your help in advance.
  6. DaniGG


    I'm Dani, from Spain. Interested mainly in Technic, to illustrate mechanic concepts. See you around.