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  1. 70830 - Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship! - Theme: The Lego Movie 2 LXF File LDD 4.3.11 (Brick version 2760) Errors: Missing from LDD, replaced 35480 black 1x2 rounded plate with open studs missing, replaced by 2x 85861 37352 white 1x2 outer half bow missing, replaced by 85984 39739 pink 1x1 heart tile missing, replaced by 24246 32803 medium stone gray 2x2x2/3 inverted bow missing, replaced by 2x 24201 Missing from LDD, not replaced 39611 (yellow star plate) 39613 (dark pink heart plate) 34685 (Lucy's shawl) 48111 (Lucy's hair w/ goggles) Mayhem Minidoll, armor, and helmet all decals