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  1. ryanfitton

    LEGO Fan Personality Test

    Great Quiz :)
  2. ryanfitton

    LEGO UK Order sent from the Netherlands

    Okay, thanks. I have never had anything delivered from the Netherlands when I have used Shop at Home before. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi everyone, I have just noticed when my order was dispatched from LEGO they have sent it from the Netherlands using this company http://www.postnlpakketten.nl. Is this fairly new? I have placed orders before from the Shop at Home website and they have always been sent using Yodel. If anyone has encountered this before do you know if the Netherland postal courier would pass the parcel onto Royal Mail once it arrives in the UK? By the way I have used he UK Shop at Home website and have asked for the parcel to be delivered to my home address in the UK. Thanks, Ryan
  4. ryanfitton

    Coffee Trailer

    I like the 'Prices' tile, did you make this yourself? I cannot seem to find one like it on Bricklink :(
  5. ryanfitton

    Ice Cream Van MOC

    Thanks for the comments :) I really hope LEGO release a snack van or somthing similar. The ice cream dispensor is pretty simple, but it's one of the most important parts for the ice cream van, no minifigs would have ice cream if there wasn't one it :o
  6. ryanfitton

    Winter Village

    Very nice to them all set up, christmas is just a couple of months away! They all look perfect together
  7. ryanfitton

    Ice Cream Van MOC

    Thanks :) I hope it brought back some memories :P Lol, thanks lightningtiger. He has no room for a freezer so lets hope all the minifigs want to buy an ice cream quick, otherwise its going to be a slippy ice cream mess on the floor of the ice cream van
  8. ryanfitton

    Ice Cream Van MOC

    Hey guys, some of you may remember the LDD images I uploaded in another post quite a while back (http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59725). These were showing the design of an Ice ream Van I was aplanning to make based on the Ice Cream van in the new LEGO Ideas Book. I have now made a brick built version of the Ice Cream truck, the pictures are below. There were some parts which I changed, such as the height between the wheels and wheel arches and also adding a white plate on the underside of the van. Although nothing major has been changed. I'm pretty happy with the results :)
  9. ryanfitton

    What did you buy today?

    Never heard of YODEL, they will probably use a courier. Although it's tricky to get the parcel re-delivered if i'm not in the house when it arrives.
  10. ryanfitton

    What did you buy today?

    Bought some things from Shop at Home here in the UK 5x Pudseys 30029 3x Halloween Sets 40020 1x Brick Journal 5000121 1x Brick Calendar 853195 2x Series 5 Minifigs 8805 Does anyone know which shipping company the LEGO S@H UK use?
  11. ryanfitton

    Millbeck Smithy

    WOW! That is amazine. Lots of inspiration for other builders too!
  12. ryanfitton

    MOC: My first modular building

    That's a great MOD Modular building. It really goes together well with the other modulars, and doesn't look out of place. Keep up the good work.
  13. ryanfitton

    2012 City sets

    Could you send me them too, PM me for my email :)
  14. ryanfitton

    2012 City sets

    Hh The links don't seem to be working for me
  15. ryanfitton

    2012 City sets

    That bear does look good, I really want it! And I really want to see these pics, I know euro bricks are not allowed to post these leaked images but I would love to see them.