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  1. Thank you Philo! I will check them out too!!!!
  2. Hi Guys and Girls!!! Thank you for your replys!!! I will give it a go with the programs you suggested when I m done and finished with the whole moc Found a nice tutorial about flexing parts so I m posting here just in case someone has problems like me Doesnt mention nets but I will keep on researching!!! Using LDCad flexible parts with Studio
  3. Hi Everybody!!!! I m really new to designing so I kind of need some help!!!! PLeaaaase :) I basically bought some instructions of a moc and was not happy with it in general. did not like the details as well as the underlying structure so decided to give it a go and downloaded studio! I m really excited and been working on the project at least a month now and must say I m handling it really well! BUT this particular set nets nets strings tubes that need flexing etc. That is where I got a problem!!! For example nets are not even available on the program and tubes are really hard to manipulate and connect... I did a search on you tube and in the forum but did not find an answer... I would really appreciate any help or advice!!!