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    Woodland Ambush

    After a long and uncomfortable journey, Erdan was woken suddenly as the carriage was knocked over! He was being taken to Erikson to go to a more secure prison than the one at Mirandor Castle. Now that he lifted his head and looked around, he saw an orc war party coming to attack! First they attacked the guards and then one even came around the back broke the door open and one asked him "why were you arrested?" "I tried to sneak into Mirandor Castle" replied Erdan, "why did an orc war party come to help me?" " We were told by one of our own that you were trying to sneak in, and that he gave you directions. So we watched the door and you didn't come out" said the orc " we were all very nervous when they assigned Eoin to the castle near the marshes, because we thought they were trying to take our lands and we thought you might know more. Can you help us?" "Alright, i'll try" said Erdan. More photos on flickr
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    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    This is my entry for challenge 3 what will tomorrow bring, on the fortifications categorie. Erdan was feeling jealous. He had recently been visited by his old friend Eoin who had told him he was getting put in charge of a castle near the orc marshes. Erdan was jealous because he secretly believed himself the better leader and that Eoin could have paid someone for the leadership! He had followed him there and planned to sneak in and find out. After circling the castle, he found an orc who told him he could sneak in through a grate near the keep to get in. He found the advice helpful and found himself thinking: maybe orcs aren't that bad after all? Soon he found himself in a small secluded pool, right beside the keep. All he needed now was some way to get insite... After stealing the keys he found it easy enough to get in. Unfortunately, when he opened the door there was someone sweeping the floors! He was going to be spotted! So he drew his dagger and killed the unwary servent! He soon managed to climb in to the study, if there was any evidence it would be here! But just as he got to the desk he heard voices and saw Eoin and some soldiers coming up the ladder with swords drawn! he had failed. "Erdan?"said Eoin "why are you here? and looking at my papers..." then Erdan interrupted saying "I was just curious if you had... " Then the captain of the guard jutted in "you are coming with me Erdan, down into the dungeons for breaking into this castle, whatever your reasons were!" then he turned toward Eoin and says "I'm sorry for this unpleasantness, it's sure a good thing that you got here when you did!" This whole encounter left Eoin feeling very uneasy, he was very glad he had a castle at his disposal especially with all the rumours going around. What would tomorrow bring? Here are some photos of the rest of the castle:
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    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    @Grover @mccoyed @W Navarre Thanks
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    Challenge III - Cat.B: Rebuilding Valnötsträd

    Wow! I agree with @W Navarre very nice
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    Challenge III - Category B: Palisade

    Nice build I like the little flag!
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    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to the guilds!you certainly choose the best one!
  7. Nice! the towers are very good.
  8. Eoin Wallace

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    Nice build Who ever won will be very lucky!
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    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    Thank you! Oh thanks for that reminder I've just changed it!
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    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    Thank you
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    Book III - Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

    Here is my entry for categorie B, fortifications:
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    Mitgardian snowball fight

    Here are the links to the photos: Mitgardian snowball fight-main Mitgardian snowball fight-extra Mitgardian snowball fight-extra I am sorry they are links but I could not simply attach them because they were to big, even when I shrunk them!
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    Mainhall Corridor, de Fiori Castle - Tergiversa

    Those interiors and minifig posings are absolutely stunning! Keep it up!
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    Mitgardian snowball fight

    Thank you! I thought it might be funny to substitute a sword fight for a snowball fight. And may songs of that poor dwarfs bravery be sung all over mitgardia!
  15. Eoin Wallace

    Mitgardian snowball fight

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    AoM tower phase II

    Eoin had not anticipated the journey to his castle to be so eventful. One of the more memorable times, was when he had stayed the night at the home of one of his old friends from the army. His friend, Erdan, had taken up residence in an old abandoned tower located just east of Falkidalr. One day during his stay at the tower, Eoin was just waking up when he heard a great commotion going on outside! After he went outside he saw a group of orcs coming to assault the tower! Apparently the orcs didn't want him getting to his castle that was situated in the mountains close to the orc marshes...
  17. Eoin Wallace

    AoM tower phase II

    Thank you! Thanks! I had thought that the stack of round bricks was necessary because if it was not there the overhang from the rest of the tower looked a little odd. However, I probably could build the cliff a little bigger to get rid of the overhang.
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    AoM: Tower phase I

    Eoin was very exited! He had been given orders to go to some mountains close to the orc marshes to oversee a castle that had been recently built there. His own castle! He could not stop thinking about it as he gazed at all the little wooden watchtowers along the road, they really looked like the turrets on a castle...
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    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    That is one of the best castles I have seen in a while! Keep it up!
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    [Nocturnus Civil War] Turmoil in Camp Carakath

    The photography is great, the build is great and the story is also great!
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    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Ok thanks
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    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I was wondering why I had not been added to the members index, then I checked the examples and saw I had not done a parts list! Whoops! If that is why, then here is a parts list for Eoin, but if there is another reason then I would like to know. Parts: head, legs, torso, green and yellow arms with flesh hands, scabbard, sword, cape, hair, brown stick, torch, gem.
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    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to mitgardia! It's good to have you!
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    patrolling mitgardia

    Just a small moc of Eoin Wallace patrolling Mitgardia.