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  1. Hi there, I'm super happy to be apart of the eurobricks community, i'm finally joining after years of lurking. Intend to share some of my custom creations, along with my custom minifigures which I make/create. Hopefully I can contribute some cool stuff, and i'm looking forward to meeting new people. Thanks for reading, - Josh
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    [MOC] Steppenwolf

    Thanks so much man. I wanted to maximize on poseabilty too, which I may demonstrate in a future post :P Thanks so much :D
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    [MOC] Steppenwolf

    After seeing the official build for Legos' Steppenwolf, I was dissappointed by the build and impressed by the mold. I've only shown pictures of my MOC to friends, and am posting it here for the first time. I wanted to have a build that didn't sacrifice articulation, but still looked acceptable. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Josh
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    Greetings from New Zealand :-)

    Sorry for the late reply... definitely DC superheroes or Ninjago :)
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    [Moc] Rhesus Macaque

    This is fantastic bro, such meticulous detail and love put into it. His 'Newtons cradle' has a lot of love put into them too, I can see :-P