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    Long walks on the beech, nice glass of wine, and rolling around on the fallen bodies of my enemies.


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  1. AV_Guy

    [MOC] Chateau Mokotoff

    Dude very cool. I personally love how you did the blue and white on the turret. Wonderful use on colors! Great job, very very cool
  2. AV_Guy

    MOC: Boulevard des Lumières

    OMG. That is a truly fantastic build. I'm a castle guy. But this euro style MOC. Just amazing, the detail, in each and every room. Every aspect. Truly inspiring. Huge kudos, you deserve it! Absolutly amazing
  3. AV_Guy

    City Gate

    WOW. I love how you did the walls. The level of detail is amazing. Truly wonderful build big kudos
  4. AV_Guy

    How big is the LEGO community?

    Well lego gross sales 2018 was bit over 5 billion US. With an operating profit of 20% Also consider that is what they sold to retailer stores. Not what we paid.
  5. AV_Guy

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    Very very cool. As mentioned above, i love the "old school" feel to it, but has lots of playability / modern techniques. Big kudos
  6. AV_Guy

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Wow most impressive! I love the wall details!
  7. AV_Guy


    Amazing. Simply amazing. Truly fantastic job. Wish i could see it in person :)
  8. AV_Guy

    Random terrain advice needed

    Thanks for the advice guys. Great ideas. Im just out of the dark ages of 25 years, so im behind on newer techniques in such. I really like the water idea, i havnt really thought that far in advance yet, my main goal is to get the rock face finished, then move on to the next stage. Regarding the dock or landing, thats actually the secret entrance to the dwarfs mine. Its so secret it hasnt been started yet :) The dwarfs are ready to start building, but they are awaiting supplies from their home land (IE bricklink) Technically this whole project will be a 12' by 8' display, which i think will be about 180 baseplates lol :/ ? The escarpment leads to the plateau where the main castle will hang out. Ya this is going to be a long project. But hey, thats half of the fun! If it could be completed over night, it wouldnt be called a project :) Thank you again, love the ideas!
  9. Ser Kamzak reporting for duty! Hear ye, hear ye, hearken unto me! Ser Kamzak the not so chaste, bastard prince of the vanquished Falcon realm and heir unapparent to the Vale of Estoria. Gather round and hear the tale of Estoria, realm forgotten and just recently re-discovered. The Vale of Estoria lies on the south west border of the coast of Mitgardia. While close to Avalonia, the culture runs deep and the inhabitants blood, bleed green and yellow. During the early courses of the great war, many Estorian's valiantly fought for Mitgardia. But at the wars darkest hour, many bridges and passes where destroyed by the evil forces seeking to destroy our fair realm. Cut off from the rest of Mitgardia, and with most of their men lost. The vale descended back into the dark times. Old factions arose again. The Lion standard and Falcon standard once again blew in the breeze. The Wolfpack raided at their pleasure. The Forestmen fought for whom-ever payed them in cups and gold bricks. The aged right handed Lion King waged war upon the left handed Falcon warriors. (I mean can you blame him? Have you ever tried using left handed sizzors? I mean seriously!) This is the world that our Hero Ser Kamzak was born into. Not knowing anything other than pillaging and plundering. No idea that a whole huge world existed past the insurmountable mountains that surrounded his homeland. But lo and behold. A group of traveling druids stumbled upon the valley seeking haven from a vicious storm. And Ser Kamzak happened to meet them while chasing a shepherdess with loose morals. Then and there, Kamzak learned of the greater world from the stewards of the earth. Will Ser Kamzak be the one to unite the factions and bring the Vale of Estoria back into the fold of Mitgardia? Is he the chosen one? His tale will be told with a series of free builds for the betterment of Mitgardia! IMG_3347 by Aaron Kutzner, on Flickr
  10. Hi all. New poster, long time reader. I'm currently building a fairly large moc to display all my beloved sets as a kid. I'm building an escarpment, that will travel over 10 32x32 tiles. This is what i have so far. Is it to busy? My thinking is, since rocks dont look the same, i did some variance of color, but im wondering if it is to busy. Any advice is welcome! Thank you IMG_3348 by Aaron Kutzner, on Flickr
  11. AV_Guy

    [MOC] the french castle

    That is truly epic. Hats off to you!
  12. AV_Guy

    Castle Factions

    Thank you guys! And i do agree mechanical mind, you bring up good points. Accept for me, lion knights always good (they reminded me of Richard the Lionheart) But they always seamed to take over falcon fortress because i like the curved turrets better lol. And the poor falcons where left sleeping under the stars with the forest men
  13. AV_Guy

    Castle Factions

    Hey everyone! Random question for you all regarding factions. I'm recently out of the dark ages and i'm building a large moc display for my castle sets i loved as a kid. So i have a quesiton regarding black monarchs. Are they good guys or bad guys? I know alot of sets are easy to figure out. Lion king good Falcon lord bad, (enemy of lion king Wolf pack and forestmen, neutral (hate anyone who tries to collect taxes) Fright nights, bad obviously. Dragon nights bad kingdom rebirth of lion knights, still good. But i'm unsure of black monarchs. On the sea serpent, there are black monarchs and black falcons manning the boat. Which makes me think they are allies But on 6059 knights stronghold, you see falcons attacking monarchs. There are also several sets from black nights labeled "kings XYZ" So are the black monarchs technically a kingdom but bad? Thank you in advance, i know its a rather silly question, but the purest in me has to have my MOC be accurate :)
  14. Hiya all. New member here, just leaving the dark ages :) Ive turned 39 3 times now and live in Chicago. Like most people I boxed up my legos when I went into high school and discovered id rather play with boobies over legos :) So about a month ago, I was driving past a yard sale, and saw a pile of power tools (raawr) So i had to stop to see if there was anything I needed. But next to said power tools i saw 2 lego sets. UCS Super star destroyer and Tantive IV. I was blown away how advanced lego had gotten, i made the owner an offer of a $100 bucks, she accepted and I happily took said sets home. (I didnt realize until later how valuable those sets are lol) One week later i had them built and they are now hanging from my office ceiling~ (Looking very cool btw) Well that experience completely got me reinvigorated towards Legos, Yaaaaaaaaa. As a kid i started on space sets, my coolest space set is the first space train. But then i got involved in classic castle. Which was my favorite. Since then i've raided my parents attic, drug out all my old legos and been happily assembling them all (Much to my wife's frustration lol) Which leads me into my next adventure. Since i dont believe in doing anything halfways, im jumping back in feet first. My first "moc" is going to be a large scale presentation of all my castle sets, as well as the ones ive been gobbling up on ebay. In a realistic kingdom setting. So far its going to be 10 32X32 base plates by 15 base plates. So wish me luck! (And happy bidding on acquiring all the damn flora im going to need to fill up such a large area) :)