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  1. diwhite

    LEGO Masters Belgium/Netherlands

    Where are you watching the Belgium/Netherlands series? I saw a few promo videos on YouTube and I'd love to watch the full episodes if they are available online anywhere. I have really enjoyed the latest Australian series, they have the best host by far.
  2. My family was recently going through the basement and discovered this Lego plastic shopping bag. At first it didn't seem interesting, but we don't live near a lego store (Eastern Canada) and this had been stored away for about 30 years. I can't find anything similar online, but I'd like to know more about it. Has anyone ever seen a shopping bag like this before? My best guess is that it came from France in the mid to late 1980's, I recall Santa bringing a lot of Duplo from France one year. If it helps, this logo is on the bottom of the bag. Thanks!