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  1. Thank you !!!!! I was finally able to see the myblock command ... wow ...
  2. Thank you !!! Sir, any chance I can have the program file for the stair climber. We are stuck with the myblock command ... its not very clear from the lego pdf file.
  3. Thank you for the quick response, The program for the "stair climber" is in pdf format, so I cannot click on the block command. As for the myblock , my understanding its just a short cut, however, I have no idea to create the "short-cut". I am including the steps: Please help :)
  4. Guys, I am trying to help my students build their "stair climber". However, the program I am following from the lego, leads me to a great big headache. The issue I am having is the "myBlock" program. There is no explanation, just a block. My class has no issues except just that little add on. I have a image if you can help us build "myblock"