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  1. Just came across this moc. I do not like the mark 1 itself, but the rest is awesome.
  2. I was Just browsing on my Xbox for some new games. The Lego game has a suit called iron man 2020, looks awesome, will we ever get it as a Minifig?
  3. At the moment I got this: https://imgur.com/a/i1j7Qh6[/img] Does not look that bad I guess. Would like to make a Malibu mansion lookalike on top. I am sorry, haven’t been much on forums, photobucket seems not to work anymore on ios
  4. Didn’t like the whole set. So I bought this one via eBay. Can’t wait to put it in display. Anyone made a moc yet with the 76125 set? Bought a 48x48 baseplate to make something to display, but can’t decide how to do it.
  5. Where to get? I have been searching, but no luck. Also the hydra version looks cool. I do have 3 customs from engineerio.
  6. You are welcome. The 76125 is €52,- Cheaper than other shops.
  7. Beesd Holland, 1001farmtoys. btw, the armory is easy to edit to get more room for suits. Just missing a few small parts, but got enough from my spare parts
  8. Good Day all, Following this topic for a few weeks now. I really enjoy the posts. Today I picked up 2 76125 sets and the 76124 set. So also decided to make an account. Would like to make a moc out of the 2 malibu mansions and 76125 sets I have. Any suggestions?