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  1. That's great ;)
  2. Thanks ;)
  3. Hello, EB friend Unimog again! At the invitation of a Lego friend. The building style is old school, the highest degree of imitation, more close to the real Unimog's chassis. Those portal axles are very compact, the only problem is the turning circle radius, still not improvement. I tried another chassis, steering is controlled by M motor+92693, but it didn't work out. Information: L29 x W16.6x H19cm. Weight:960g XL motor x1 , Servo motor x1. I hope you'll like it, again. Instructions for free ;) https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-85863/dpi2000/lego-mini-truck-unimog-u1200-118-moc/
  4. Wa, be very expect for Tatra' differential locks... ;)
  5. 42129 tyre 69912
  6. Wa, ha, I'm glad to see this trial Unimog. ;)looking forward to watching the outdoor test video. Thanks ;)
  7. And very expensive, in China.
  8. Hi, I also used female CV 92906 to build a test sample, two years ago. But needs to be modified with 92906, I happen to have a lot of broken parts. Your idea is more ingenious. ;) https://vk.com/video511631021_456239033
  9. Change is great, I haven't built this type of the crawler. Take care, get well soon.;)
  10. Very thanks for your share.
  11. But, the tractor tires grip is not good, especially stone. Thanks, these tractor tires is RC tires. Ha, I like your MOG, inspired me a lot.;) Very glad, Thanks Ha, thank you ;)
  12. Thanks, good advice, I thought about it, too.
  13. Mini Truck Model 8, Jeep Wrangler 1:15.No play Lego in over half a year, now 'Jeep' coming...At the same time,I would pay respects to Madoca.L motor +new wheel hubs, BuWizz normal.Infomations:L28xW14.5xH15cm, Weight: 970G,Still, simple and good playability, like RC, like real Jeep. instructions for free: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-79593/dpi2000/lego-mini-truck-wrangler-115-moc/#detailsThanks, again! Trial video This chassis part was built last year.
  14. Updated image link, try again. ;)
  15. Coming soon,Thanks;) Some friends mentioned this problem before, don’t know what limitations the server has. Try the Safari app, let me consult again.
  16. Very nice TC20 model, a little Unimog.;)
  17. Wa, cool, have any video?;)
  18. Thanks, JK was the most popular choice, for now.
  19. Ok, Thanks a lot ;)
  20. EB friends, about hood, JK or JL, which one would you like prefer? thanks;)
  21. Thanks, I'll fix it right now.
  22. Sorry, my English is terrible. thank you very much for saying this. Use 46490 hubs and keep acceptable ground clearance, I tried a lot.
  23. Thanks, to build up ;) ;)
  24. Thanks a lot ;)