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  1. Hello friends, I make this video for 42069 model B, Mobile Based Vehicle. My topic for model A RC here Another advantage of this model is that it is very easy to upgrade the RC. It only took me an evening to install 2 motor M, battery box and IR. Because of running with the chain, the battery runs out very quickly. But actually with 2 M motor it runs quite slowly, but it looks funny. If you like RC version move to 3:23
  2. delta21

    [MOC] 42069 Extreme Adventure RC

    Thanks, I saw this model, its great but too expensive for newbie as me :(
  3. delta21

    [MOC] 42069 Extreme Adventure RC

    I think should add 4 L motor for each wheel for make completes Off road. But there are many changes, and I want keep drive train , because this is interesting part as IMO :)
  4. Hi friends Today, I would like to show you my video for RC 42069 The video consists of two parts, the original Set and the RC upgrade with tires. If you are interested in the RC version, you can move to position 2:50. Because the car was on a track link, it was so heavy, I tried to replace it with wheels. With a few modifications to the wheel mounted shafts, the car looked pretty good with the wheels of a red crane 42082 I remove the V8, replaced by an L motor, but room enough for even a XL motor with more torque, unfortunately I am not have :( Steering with a servo motor mounted between 2 seats, 2 seats need to be moved to the sides to have enough room for the servo motor. Using servo, steering angle is not very good. I removed the back bonnet to serve room for the battery box. IR receiver mounted in the front cabin. If you like this video , pls subscribe my channel for motivating me .
  5. delta21

    42082 my first Lego set

    My latest model from 42082
  6. Hello friends, I update my truck, this is an alternative to the red crane 42082. I collected ideas from some nice guy on the above post, thanks to fosamax , Jim, so I decided to build a truck like the C model for the 42082 set. I just removed the rear wheel to only use a part within a set. This truck has a some of functions, all of which are manual: - Openable door - Hand of good steering wheel. - Steering wheel working. - Fake V8 engine connected to rear differential. - Cabin tilted I'm happy if you like this truck and subscribe to my RedBricks channel.
  7. Yes, I think almost people likes C model.
  8. I just install motor, the truck is moving now
  9. Wow, big thanks to you.A ton information from your post. I've joined Lego Technic world in just 3 months, my knowedge about reference set just a bit. I take notes with your post and study in sets you mention above. Hope I have a better Truck :)
  10. Hi everybody, Today I introduce to you my Lego truck. This is my 2nd MOC, after the Lego Kart Car. This truck I built from the 42082 set that I had before, except for the two wheels I bought separately. This is the first time I tried with a big truck. I built it within 1.5 months Because the size of the wheel is from 42082 set, I have to make the truck big. Function of this truck (I regret not doing more) + Steering wheel with HOG + V8 engine connect to rear transmission + Door open, door locked. Because it was built from 42082 set, the color was not as good as it was. I plan upgrade it to the RC version. You guy like my video, pls subscribes my channel RedBricks for motivating me, very thank you. I collected ideas from some nice guy on the above post, thanks to fosamax , Jim, so I decided to build a truck like the C model for the 42082 set. Come to this post Some pics Lego tractor truck by Thinh Nguyen, trên Flickr Lego tractor truck by Thinh Nguyen, trên Flickr Lego tractor truck by Thinh Nguyen, trên Flickr This is full album
  11. This is my video for current, I will improve it in future.
  12. I have some updated, rear side is shorter. Engine connect to difference gear too ugly, still need solution
  13. I have a trouble, how to put a engine with one cylinderconnect with difference gear in rear , anyone can give me an idea ?
  14. delta21

    42082 my first Lego set

    This is my small MOC , hope you aren't disappointed ! This is a big one , I will attempt later.
  15. Hi all, I created a topic for idea build with set 42082 , A guys advice me purchase small wheels for easy create MOC. I did and this is my result today, I build a small kart racing car with 4 wheels 43.2x22R I've just finished steering and front side, For back side and engine are on the way, any idea for build backside could you give me a suggestion, its hard.