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  1. jean111

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Hello, i just finished Saturn 5. Very clever design to make some round with some square! I made an unrealistic launch tower, but totally out of the recovery equipment of my workshop.(wood, alu, coton and a red box of chocolate "Ferrero - Mon cheri " ) and LEDs Here are views, with just a few photoshop --<>-- --<>-- --<>-- --<>-- --<>--
  2. jean111

    8285 improved but heretic

    @I_Igor yes, it could be done, but I'm thinking of the parts used in the MOC below: I was very inspired by the MOCs of @M_longer and @2LegoOrNot2Lego... and I could have used the pieces of mudguard, if they exist in black (I do not know their reference number) I am really exploring the book "incredible lego technic" of @Sariel and I am proud to have been contacted by @M_longer himself ! ( (I'm sorry for being scared , all my respect to him ) I could have tried to integrate the lighthouse on the mudguard, as on the MOCs below, but leaving them separated, it gives a "vintage" aspect that I appreciate. ( it's better in reality than in photo)
  3. jean111

    8285 improved but heretic

    No it is PLA . never mind
  4. jean111

    8285 improved but heretic

    @andythenorth @nerdsforprez thank you @Yevhen : it's true : simple and effective!
  5. jean111

    8285 improved but heretic

    Hello , Three reasons : - I do not have bricks to do that - I wanted to have fun playing the designer, why not? - After all, lego also does a lot of special bricks The result I like a lot ( see below ) , so I think I do that again if the opportunity arises.( it could even be a new specialty where the game would mix harmoniously a lego base with printed pieces ) I suspected that it would not please everyone (hence the title "heretic"). I know that I break certain rules, but I hope for your understanding and i will not be burned by the inquisition ( @M_longer. Your profile image is frightening ... ) The important thing is to have fun, that the result is well , and not to take too seriously And this is the final result : ( If some are interrested, I can send them the STL file in private message) ) to compare : (I prefer without the stickers)
  6. jean111

    8285 improved but heretic

    Here is the first version, but not really satisfactory (photo a little big, but I do not know how to reduce it , sorry ) reduced thanks to @M_longer, thank you ...
  7. I did not like the wheel arches of the official SET, so I designed new ones for the 3D printer ( horror ! ) The original Sorry, but I'm too limited in size to put the other pictures ... I need to get information to continue ... To be continued ...
  8. Hello, I'm looking for the model : 8285 - Tow Truck (A model) - Technic It appears in a old message , ( Edited June 23, 2011 by legolijntje ) but the link is invalid. Does anyone know where to find it? thank yo