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  1. I've seen people here and on the Facebook page say they're using dongles, either for PC's without or with an old/weak onboard BT card.
  2. Ah, yeah, you're right. What's I've done in our last show was add a PoweredUp remote and assign some actions to several buttons, that way I didn't need to fiddle with the computer when I wanted small things to happen manually.
  3. Color coding can help you differentiate between different hubs and states, for example - hub turns purple when it's about to go into a siding. Or you can also use it as another flag, change color when a certain event triggers or a condition is met, and query the hub for it's color later on for some logic. Have you tried click the "Stop Listening" button at the top left of the program tab? That will stop that branch.
  4. You can get around that by using the hub states as flags.
  5. Take a loot at the help menu, there's at least a partial list there.
  6. I suggest you take a look at The Brick Automation project:
  7. Nivst

    GTA Train Show

    I'm sure others will confirm that it's not a good show without a train crash or 2 😄
  8. Yeah, I'm not a developer either but have experience with scripting languages, fortunately, hacking and pasting works in this level of complexity 😅
  9. None of the other colors worked reliably for me. I suggest using flags or hub states to allow for more complex situations, @Lok24 mentioned it in one of his previous snippets. So the first yellow plate will slow the train and set up a flag so the next yellow is ignored. Then the last color in the chain can reset the states for the next pass. That's how I'm going to tackle my next layout - and how I've done it on the PoweredUp mobile app.
  10. You can change the refresh rate of the sensor in BAP by editing the hub it's connected to. Try out different numbers there.
  11. The sensor in my 60197 is connected to the train baseplate with a single bracket, and the color markers are a plate+tile. (file upload limits are crazy here...) Reducing the speed a little helps with detection and responsiveness. Also note that some colors are detected more successfully than others and at greater distances - red is furthest, then yellow and finally white - from my experience, so it's worth experimenting with different colors. In our last event I had a yellow marker to slow down the train and then a red to stop it.
  12. In today's LEGO Ideas digest email is a link to a new survey about AFOL's thoughts on lighting, jewelry, stickers and train tracks! The track related questions are in the Customization section.
  13. That's clever! The whining in low speeds is horrible... I'm also using variables for the speed, was helpful during our last show - as the batteries grew weak I'd just bump the values up in one place.
  14. Haven't tested, just remember (or think I do) what's listed in the help section.