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  1. I know this thread is almost a year old but I thought I'd ask anyway. Having no knowledge of how Lego solar panels are designed. Could you possibly daisy chain panels using and old electric plate like the one here (2x8 plate comes to mind)?
  2. Nudipics

    Rainbow Wave GBC

    @Berthil My son and I have been GBC fans for a while but didn't start building any models until we discovered Akiyuki's designs and were blown away. However, I have been amazed at your designs as well and was wondering if you have instructions available for any models other than the Rainbow Wave. (PS- Already built your rechargeable version of Akiyuki's train).
  3. @Doug72 @Berthil Thank you gentlemen. I decided to start by rebuilding the train unit. I switched out the axles replacing with the 9L and paid attention to the tension between the train wheels, hubs and gears. It's working flawlessly. Thank you for your suggestions and hopefully this will help folks in the future.
  4. @rskamen I've already modified the switch (I just took a nail file to the friction notches, smooth as can be). My problem is that the train unit doesn't power through the reverse units at the loader and unloader unit. I searched through a lot of this forum to see if anyone mentioned the same problem but no luck. I'm hoping someone has had a similar problem and can offer a fix. Fingers crossed.
  5. I joined this forum because I need help from the experts. I recently built the basic Akiyuki train set up with loader and unloader using Akiyuki's instructions from his website. I can not get it to work right however. Although the train unit seems to have plenty of power it does not successfully operate the reverse units. The motor seems to not have enough power and in some cases binds up. I have installed new batteries and even switched out M-motors but the results are the same. I've used the soft spring shock absorbers on the reverse units so there shouldn't be a problem there. I'm at a loss for what could be wrong. All the videos I've seen of this model work flawlessly. Please help. The part number for the train wheels is 55423c01 @rskamen The part number for the train wheels is 55423c01