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    The ManDelorean

    Half man. Half Delorean. ManDelorean by Big Stannis
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    The ManDelorean

    Thanks guys! :-) He looks like Rick, because like this moc, he's a parody of Doc Brown. It is a pity that the knee pads are the same, because in the original they are different. The ear came out slightly too big, and the nose is so generally a classic part using. The idea is strange, I agree, but it allowed to expand the design of the Mandalorian.
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    Heroes III: Dungeon

    Twenty years ago came the game Heroes of might and magic 3, which became one of the outstanding games of the strategic boom zero. Of the eleven factions today will focus on the Dungeon or the Kingdom of Nigon, located on the eponymous island near the continent of Antagrich. It is completely underground because of the rockiness of the island and unsuitable for settlement. Ruled by Nigon dragon tamer Mutare and, at some time, wandering through all the lands restless spirit Tarnum. Few Dungeons town buildings - Wood God. hut and city portal. Some units (4/7) - Manticore, Black dragon, Troglodyte, Minotaur King(near the Holy Ark) and Beholders. HoMM3: Dungeon by Big Stannis, on Flickr Troglodyte and his hut by Big Stannis, on Flickr Holy Ark and Minotaur king by Big Stannis, on Flickr Wood God by Big Stannis, on Flickr Team up! by Big Stannis, on Flickr Then came a hitch with the face of a lion - brick color for small parts is very specific, so I turned to the mythological original of the middle ages. There, the Manticore was portrayed with a human face.
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    Heroes III: Dungeon

    So just unreal for me that game still learned twenty years after release :D Double mana in Jebus Cross mode makes the game, but Dungeon does not have a good shooting unit(like a cyclops, high elves, magogs, etc). About topic - I have removed the link to the album and added more photos and screenshots of the originals from game. I'm glad you like it, I always try to fit a lot of unusual part using into scenes.
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    My leg!

    - Mrs. Puff, I get my boat license?