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  1. For Download an INSTRUCTIONS see this POST stifos - Millennium Falcon - Brickbuilt by sti fos, auf Flickr stifos - Millennium Falcon - overview side by sti fos, auf Flickr download model on page 2 Hey there! finally I am able to share my first Lego MOC. Which started as modding the original 7965 Set ended up a with a little more changes than expected. first of All big credits to Kit Bricksto (did the Falcon ever finish?) , Inthert (Systemscale and interior), Joerg Kuehni (Mandibles), Fenk512(docking rings) which inspired me most and many of their details ended up in this Falcon. I also love to see what people do in the great UCS Millennium Falcon Mod Topic. Well, the reasons for choosing the Falcon in systemscale are quite simple: Not enough Money for the UCS; Not even enough Space in my flat for the size of the UCS and I wanted to fit the Falcon to the other Lego sets I own from back in the days. So I try to stick with the original size. I know there are proportions that don’t really fit, e.g. the size of the window at the gun turrets or the size of the access bays of the mandibles… But in the end I wanted to get the most iconic details into this one so this is how i dealt with it. I also began with the interior which i will upload later.
  2. stifos

    75060 - UCS Slave I MOD/MOC

    This is Great. I will definetaly have a Look at this for mine! Thanks for Sharing
  3. Hi @Bricktastrophe Great to hear you Made it. I know it was challanging. In I‘ll Update my Falcon I‘d definetaly try to Go for simpler solutions. But your looks Great. Thanks for Sharing Im not sure if I got you right. But the crates you see in the back chamber are the going with 7965 and 7190. A14BE318-0DDA-4B81-99CE-13B8369E4D98 by sti fos, auf Flickr 1D6B769E-31EF-4FDB-BD27-58B76EDE08FC by sti fos, auf Flickr
  4. You can download pdf instructions on the Lego website I think. Sounds like a fun event you re planning
  5. stifos

    [MOC] Friedies Millennium Falcon

    Very nice! Great to see how you got all the interior into (nearly) the main structure of the original model! And you got 6 different spaces?. I guess I will have to stretch my one now, too. great job!
  6. stifos

    [MF-MOD] "I've added some special modifications myself"

    Hell yeah! That’s a smooth surface. I‘d love to see how you connected the new hull to the structure. great work
  7. Yes google is your friend translating! I need to translate aswell. Actually I wanted to get the owners technical manual too but then I was impatient and started designing right a way with everything google and and all the great ucs mocs gave me. I‘d also say the idea was more to get the Overall concept right. Because due to the size and playing around with somehow matching proportions the solution is still quite abstract. But I am thinking to redesign some greebling around the falcon .
  8. stifos

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    @PBRStreetgang you are definitely right. The set is great but I also think it could need a liitle work here and there. THIS is the mod @TwoSolitudes was referring to. @adamski made an awesome job. I Tried to copy his modifications but didn’t got far yet. I wold love to see new ideas to this one!
  9. stifos

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Awesome work! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely have a look at the file!
  10. stifos

    75220 Sandcrawler MOD WIP

    Oh this one is great! I‘d love to see how built the windows in the cockpit part. I was about to mod the 75220 aswell but I failed in a first try. thanks to @Taro for bringing this one up again!
  11. Hey @Bricktastrophe, thank you so much! Indeed I changed some parts at the rebrickable partslist to more common ones. I know there are still some tricky parts, be sure most of them are not necessary for the construction so theese are possible to change. If you have any issues with the steps let me know. I already noticed there are some tricky steps. btw. I guess not many of us can read korean. But Lee Kwangbok made review along the building steps also with some partshiftings. Maybe the pictures over there can help aswell. I was not quite a fan of the solo version but since there are some great new Falcons in midi- and Minifig-scale around the last month, I might have a look at mine during winter.
  12. stifos

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    Yay that one looks sweet! I Actually had a look at joerg‘s moc for the mandibles at my model aswell! I was hoping he will finish his work! But now it’s your turn! I‘d be crazy about how you designed the brickbuilt cockpit. did you already check if all colors are available? The barrels for the docking rings is a great idea!great greebling! keep up the good work!
  13. stifos

    [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    Wow, totally missed this one during my absence! Great Job! I see lots of things that would fit my Falcon aswell! Great to see all the different solutions for the Cockpit, it is really one of the most challenging Aspects to a System Falcon. I also used @mcphatty´s Version behause I like the Detail but I’d love to see fitting more minifings into to Cockpit. keep up the Great work! Edit: I uploaded my Falcon to BL If you‘d like have a Look to my interior for my Falcon. Or Flickr of course Stifos
  14. stifos

    [MOC] TIE Fighter Midi-scale

    yes! V2 looks great! are you going to release an instructions for the model?
  15. stifos

    [MOC] TIE Fighter Midi-scale

    Love this one! Nice shape and details at this scale! Can you tell how the round tiles between the curved slopes are held in place? very nice Job!
  16. Hey @Kit Bricksto! Awesome, Thank you very much! I totally agree with the cockpit scale issue, I am not sure if its possible to design ab brickbuilt cockpit like some people did for the UCS or some X-Wings that are around. But maybe worth a try! There are no fix plans for next Lego Set improvements yet. There is an At-At and a sandcrawler looking at me and I see me comparing sizes of the playset falcon vs the x-wing where I think the X-wing needs to be an inch smaller :D... but not sure if this is possible, although there are plenty of awesome designs out there already! I would love to see you working on your falcon again!
  17. hey @mcphatty, glad you like the model. As @Midlife-crisis said maybe you can be more lucky finding parts over rebrickable. I think you could do a good job just picking out some parts of the model and combine with your one. So if you look into the result of my brick built moc it is quite similar but uses much more of the pieces I had from my falcon 7965 and 7190. @Jerry McGlade thank you very much! I'd be honored to see some parts taking place in you ucs!
  18. Thank you very much! is there a difference in the prices for the partslist when sharing on rebrickable aswell? I only saw you are able to upload pdf instructions there. edit: @Midlife-crisis I uploaded the moc+partslist to rebrickable.
  19. @Kristof, Thank you very much! I don‘t know if you are able to Upload a pdf into the file or to BrickLink. But if you open the Model and go into instructions/PageMode you should be able to export a layouted pdf instructions. Also if really like to donate a few bucks pm me and I will send you my paypal. In return I can send you the original pdf instructions if you like.
  20. To shorten things ;) ... I had a quite good run this week. so finally here you go: bricklink: stifos - Millennium Falcon - MOC+Instructions rebrickable: stifos-mf (selloption only for donation purpose. BrickLink Model+instructions still free) stifos - Millennium Falcon - Instructions available by sti fos, auf Flickr I hope it works for you guys. As said before. this is my first ever made moc, so are the instructions. There definitely be some technical solution which can be improved! I list the credits again: I need to give credits to all the models that inspired me most. So big credits to @Kit Bricksto, @Inthert, Joerg Kuehni, @Frenk512 and @mcphatty (especially for his cockpit design). Many of their details ended up in this Falcon. As many of you already noticed I also loved to see what mods people did to the great UVS Millennium Falcon and I tried to get as much detail of the UCS into this scale as possible. I share this moc because I want to see how this can evolve to an even better version. I feel honored by everyone who tries building this falcon himself and I would love to see your modifications! Please keep me updated with your Ideas and creations. And most of all I hope you will have fun with this one! stifos. - Note due to missing bricks in : you have to exchange 3069bp80 with 3069bpb030; 47543 with 47543pb05; 3960 with 3960pb021.
  21. Maybe I can upload my wantedlist as a XML. I ve read that you can copy the list from e.g. Notepad to BrickLink here:
  22. HAHA, thank you very much! maybe you are right! the optimized result and who knows what great mods of you guys is what I am really looking forward to :D
  23. @base_1, thank you I appreciate. I feel sorry for the incomplete model (I wanted to share so badly :D ) maybe I should have waited a week. anyway I updated the parts list+ I had to change the Connection at the corners of the gunnerbays. Now the only missing Brick on Bricklink is the keyboard tile I used at the Mainhold which is strange because I have it. maybe it is the wrong number? If you want to have a look at the updated partslist.csv. for uploading a new model I want to finish instructions first, so it will take a little while.
  24. Hey @base_1 thanks for mention. I try to get rid of the conflict coloures while working on a usable pdf instruction. In most cases I think those bricks are not directly visible thats why I ignored them while Modeling.
  25. stifos

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    Great Design! The Original set looks hilarious next to yours!