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  1. Insomnia

    [MOC] Just Cruisin'

    Thanks! Flower is a cocoon from some Hero Factory set
  2. Insomnia

    [MOC] Just Cruisin'

    I got this mammoth for few months and haven't got a clue what to do with it. Few days ago I came across the caveman minifig, sat it on mammoth's back and it hit me.
  3. Insomnia

    [MOC] Last man on Earth

    Happy life of the last of us
  4. Insomnia

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    Thank you. It's the biggest thing I built so far. Thanks!
  5. Insomnia

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    Thanks a lot This scene supposed to represent FOMO (fear of missing out). World is too fast sometimes :) Thanks! Thank you Wow, thanks! Thanks. You can schedule a visit :) Thanks. When I started it I knew I will need a lot of stickers. The other side (exterior) is even more packed with stickers :) Sure - there is exterior. It's the first part of this MOC. I made it few months ago and later decided to go with interiors too. Here's the photos of the other side
  6. Insomnia

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

  7. Insomnia

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    The other side of Layers City. Poor, lower parts of the city and rich, fancy upper parts. Great place to live in :)