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  1. Stevo

    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    Ok thanks man I am basically going to copy your build, but with maybe a few slight differences of my own ( only slightly though, as your build is perfect for mining scale, given the limitations within the Lego medium) for example, I can see the wall is six studs deep, I could build mine five of seven stud deep, but six definatly looks "right" I wondered at first if you had got together a bunch of base plates to build onto, but on closer inspection it looks like your base is 64 studs square? So would I be right in saying you built up the "edge" with slopes, then put various size plates tied together underneath with 1x2x12 or similar? Also, regarding the base sides, I notice just after the wall finishes the base sides seem to dip a bit, why was that? The rear rounded corners again look perfect, and I really can't think of a better/different way to achieve the effect, but how did you go with the tiles in the corners, surely there has to be gaps? And I don't suppose you could elaborate on how you built up the inside of the wall ( to provide a base for all the tiles)? Reason for all the questions mate is that this will be my first moc since I was like 9 years old or something ( 53 now) and while I have acquired quite a few sets since returning to the hobby I don't have a stash of parts that I can draw from and will have to buy in all the elements I need ( so having as much info as possible is key, and will stop me having to buy bricks that I end up not needing) Thankyou again Dan for any light you can shed, and congratulations on such an epic build, I absolutely love it Steve
  2. Stevo

    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    Hi Macsen I know this post is pretty old, but for a while now I've had an itch to moc myself a minifig Roman Mile Castle and my research brought me here, mind if i ask some questions about your awesome build mate ?