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  1. BrickPictures

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Feels good to be a rat!
  2. BrickPictures

    Captain Flint Intro

    Thanks, It was what I was going for
  3. BrickPictures

    Captain Flint Intro

    I chould have been more precis, I meant the backstory of Flint, I took a couple of events from Flints life and changed them to fit a new character ;) Aye and shure hope to get on the seas as soon as possible, so watch your back!
  4. BrickPictures

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Thank you, but I will make no promises
  5. BrickPictures

    Captain Flint Intro

    Thank you, and after rewatching Potc there was no doubt about the faction! Thanks, the quality of picture is a bit horrible though
  6. BrickPictures

    Captain Flint Intro

    Thank you! Indeed I got a bit carried away But thank you
  7. BrickPictures

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    This is my character Introduction to join the sea rats, hope you enjoy!
  8. BrickPictures

    Captain Flint Intro

    Abandoned by his parents at birth, he grew up in the streets of Corrington. At the age of 9 he stole a piece of bread from a bakery but he got caught and the owner chased him. He ended up running to a dead end, the fat man arrived shortly after. He stopped, looked at the boy, and with an evil smile on his face he slowly approached the young boy. Scared for his life he tried to climb on the wall beside them to escape but to no avail, the baker pulled him down and threw him in the mud, he grabbed a piece of wood and lifted his arm ready to strike the boy with all he had. But suddenly a man shouted " What is this madness!" he approached them, the man had an officer's uniform, he was clearly part of the Royal Navy. The officer passed the baker and went right for the boy. He went down on his knee and examined the boy, he then presided by telling the baker he could go away but the baker held his ground. He told the officer, "This is a thief and you have no right taking my justice away from me!". The officer slowly stood, you could clearly see the baker regretted his choice. The officer turned around, looked him dead in the eye and knocked him out with one quick punch in the face. He turned his attention back to the kid and asked him where his parents where, he didn't answer and had a sad look on his face. The officer quickly got the message and asked another question, "What's your name then boy?" again, no answer. Shocked the officer told him one last thing "Well, from this day on, your name is Edward and you will be a student in the naval academy". Edward became one of the best students in his class and at the age of 16 he was a lieutenant on the HMS Poseidon commanded by non other then the, now Admiral, who once saved him. His name turned out to be James and he had been like a father for Edward ever since they first met. At the age of 23 he became a captain of a frigate called the Endeavour. He went on many missions during his career and fought many battles. During battles he was known to take every risks necessary to win and often ignoring the superiors orders using his own strategies. Of course it goes without saying that he got his fair number of punishment due to his actions, but they never seemed to be to severe as his strategies never failed. One day Edward got the task of safely delivering a Lord to his new colony in the new world.On the way they got ambushed by pirates. The Lord out of fair wanted to raise the white flag and give up the ship, Edward knowing he could beat them ignored the Lord and ordered the gun crews to load the cannon. The Lord in panique, cursed at the captain and told him that if he didn’t obey him, he would regret it! At this point Edward had had enough and he struck the Lord and ordered the men to lock him in his cabin. Of course they won the battle and he delivered the Lord safely to his plantation.But at his return to the capital he immediately got arrested.The Lord had sent word to the government that Edward had struck him and refused to obey his orders, and that he would stop all business with Corrington if they didn’t execute Edward. Luckily James managed to convince them not to execute him. They instead stripped him of all his belongings and banished him from Corrington. Edward, a changed man, sailed to the new world onboard a merchant ship. He went to Bastion, and met a quartermaster of a vessel who had just lost their captain, he took a couple of drinks with the man, but then the man asked him he’s name, Edward didn’t answer, he thought about a story he once heard the cook of HMS Poseidon tell the crew during his time as lieutenant. The story of a man who came from the sea and only referred himself as Flint before vanishing in the water once again.The quartermaster asked again, and he simply answered “Flint”.Due to his charisma Flint managed to become captain of the crew within only 4 month. He renamed there ship The Vengeance and set sail to the Lords colony.He came at night and let the cannons rain fire upon the plantation. They then raided the entire estate but Flint didn’t care for any of the richese, he came for one reason and one reason only. The Lord begged for mercy he offered more richesse then anyone had ever seen! The crew smiled and thought they would become even richer, but without saying a word Flint slaughtered the Lord where he stood. The crew didn’t follow him because of his charisma anymore but out of fear. Overall Flint is very charismatic, shrewd and ruthless. He uses fear to lead others, and is fearless himself. ------------------------------------- Sorry for the long Intro. For those who didn't get it my character is inspired by Captain Flint in the Amazing show Black Sails.
  9. BrickPictures

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Thank you, my intro is pretty long so I think I'll sart a new thread and link it here. It chould be up soon, see you then
  10. BrickPictures

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Hi everyone, I've been looking to join the Sea Rats for some time now. I have my picture ready and the main aspects of my story but I am still a bit confused of how I register my character (Do I just post the introduction here? Do I make a new thread?) If anyone would like to help me I would reslly apreciate it :) hope to join you soon!