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  1. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Savanna Master is excellent, and I've voted for it and shared it with my friends. The Bowling Alley is also quite worthwhile as a concept, although there might be a little bit of a conflict with the Flintstone's bowling pins/ball gimmick. Definitely less convinced by the merit of the Indiana Jones project, in the same vein as Lego David's criticism. I could understand a new approach to a scene from one of the movies featuring modern building techniques and print quality and aimed at AFOLs whilst still providing some play value for kids, but this little series of vignettes perplexes me with respect to the amount of value it provides. Is this something adult fans would be interested in buying in and of itself, or is it just that - much like thenightman89's thoughts - they want more Indiana Jones and are backing what would allow for it? Of course, congratulations to the creator - getting 10k is a real challenge, and I respect the hustle of anyone who does it in such a short time. It's taken me a year so far to get my project to 91%, and even in the best case scenario it's likely at least another month before all is said and done!
  2. Heartbreaking news. Condolences to his family and friends - but let us celebrate what he accomplished in his time.
  3. toastergrl

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Not sure whether the set itself appeals to me, but you know what? The guy who made that is quite nice, so he deserves the win - and it'll absolutely make a lot of people happy! ^u^
  4. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Can't believe this wasn't posted here either... Lego_Aviator's SpaceX Falcon 9 just passed 10k! Congrats to them. Seems a lot of SpaceX and Tesla stuff is passing the mark... no interest in it personally because Elon Musk's done a lot of controversial things, and LEGO might agree that he's PR poison, but there's nothing wrong with the build/concept other than that..?
  5. toastergrl

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Pictured: My first ever Bricks and Pieces order. I needed a bunch of modern CS helmets for my display, and wasn't about to buy Gamers Market four times over - but still got a little carried away! See if you can spot the theme :P There was four of a part missing, unfortunately, but it wasn't essential for any of my builds so I've got a partial refund processing at the moment. Likely to do another order whenever those transparent stands come back up...
  6. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hot on the heels of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bricky_Brick (who I believe is a Eurobricks member, but have forgotten the @ of) has just got another project to 10k with the "Studgate" Train Station! Congrats to them and the wonderful build! I have a few concerns about how it's reliant on some parts that haven't been in production for a long time - mainly the dome at the top, but also the arced skylight windows - but if their Pirate Bay project made it through despite depending on other out-of-production parts, then anything's possible.
  7. toastergrl

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    I'd like to see another take on Knights Kingdom or Vikings, two interesting themes I was into in a big way as a kid. Something along either of those general lines would be pretty interesting - especially if you consider the possibilities of a way to interconnect CCBS and system directly without having to go through Technic connections when thinking about the former's brick-covered action figures. Yeah, I know that's basically halfway between Nexo Knights and Chima-without-the-animal-people; unfortunately, both of those themes were smack dab in the middle of my dark ages, where I only picked up the occasional Cty or Friends set.
  8. toastergrl

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Nice work, @divingfaces! I did support that already. I'll note I have an Ideas project of my own also themed after the classic side of Sonic the Hedgehog, though; it's most of the way there at almost 8,200 supporters and just needs one last big push to cross the finish line. I have shared it once in The Embassy's Ideas-focused thread and given it a showcase in its own topic before, but I basically redesigned it at the start of this January to improve its build and add additional characters and figure a single post in this topic would be an appropriate addition. Honestly, I've supported a lot of the projects (or ones based on the same potential license) mentioned in this thread already! Lots of good designs all round.
  9. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Definitely charming, especially with the houses to the left and right being facades with scaffolding inside them as if it were an actual stageplay set. The number of Ideas projects based on Disney properties is definitely distressing (not in terms of being licensed at all - that would be hypocritical of me - but in terms of acknowledging how much of a stranglehold that one single corporation has over popular culture as we know it), but it helps that the original film was an adaptation rather than the sole source material!
  10. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Some nice stuff in this review session. I'll always be a BIONICLE fangirl at heart but the Typewriter specifically appeals to me a lot for some reason, maybe the idea that it'd be mostly-functioning (minus the stamping of the actual letters onto a piece of paper). Builds with functions are definitely one of my favourite things about LEGO.
  11. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Unfortunately, rather than potentially allowing for Tails and Knuckles, that info tells me the Planet Express submission is very unlikely to pass review! The rules so far have been incredibly airtight: New molds can only be created in a way that can be used in Ideas sets if they have another outlet for release as well that'd foot the tooling budget, ie the Doctor Who set's stuff being used in Dimensions and Steamboat Willie's in the Disney CMF wave 2. Futurama is not a line that's actively being merchandised, so a CMF on the series (since Dimensions is over) has next to no chance of happening... Also: congrats to the BIONICLE diorama and its designer for reaching 10k! :D
  12. toastergrl

    [MOC] Another perfect day in space

    Sorry for the late response - but much appreciated, and I'm glad this gave you such a warm reaction! :D
  13. toastergrl

    [MOC series] Sonic Mania

    Thank you very much! ^u^ I've done a good number of additional builds since I last posted in this thread, but here's the most recent one for those interested...
  14. toastergrl

    [MOC] Another perfect day in space

    Thank you very much! ^u^ I tried my best to hide the mount by using transparent pieces where possible, and having the flag in front of it - but I admit it wasn't a perfect solution...
  15. toastergrl

    [MOC] Another perfect day in space

    A Classic Space vignette by yours truly. I had a *lot* of fun making this, for sure - it's my first ever serious display scene, and I'm quite proud of it. What do you think? Check the album for more angles and detail shots, and check my signature for a more general-purpose Classic Space collection. Thanks for looking! ^u^