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  1. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Aaah!! I'm so sorry, I didn't see the following messages - I'd been really busy working on university coursework up until midday today, and online forums had to take a backseat for a bit. Your kind words are really appreciated, and I'm more than happy to share my secrets! I used Studio 2.0 (Bricklink's LEGO design software) to build the structure, which has a built-in renderer. I might admit I cheated a little bit, though - those prints aren't baked into the parts. I drew the original flat print sketches in MSPaint, then composited them into the image in post with GNU Image Manipulation Program (or "GIMP"). Since I come from a digital art background, it's a little easier for me than messing around with baking vector art into LDraw files. You know what? Your praise is PHENOMENAL, FANTASTIC, SO INCREDIBLE, WOO-OOH (thank you >u<) Meanwhile, I'm pretty dang impressed with the Steamboat Willie set. That's, like, an extremely major improvement on the original concept, and the whole deal with the action functions is right up my alley. The only obstacle is the price, and... ouch, that price. It's a tough thing to balance, though... hopefully we'll see more like it from Ideas, but based on stuff that doesn't have the Disney tax.
  2. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It probably shouldn't surprise me that that model was made by a Eurobricks member! It's impeccable, and congratulations paokus on your success. On first brush I feel like it would have difficulty passing review because that looks D2C-sized, but then again, Voltron... I wonder how the name would be handled, given the... legal questionableness of a certain website that that shares it? "Pirate's Cove", perhaps?
  3. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This seems to be the place to link your personal LEGO Ideas projects, right? I hope I'm not commiting a faux pa by posting this too early into my time at Eurobricks, but it's been on my mind and I want to be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the forum without having the idea of posting this nag at me in the back of my mind ^^;; Here's mine - Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone. There's a lot of play features in here that makes it a bit more than just another generic IP-based Ideas set, including a functioning flick-action spring and an articulated mech with extending arms that can be piloted by a brick-built bigfig. I had a lot of fun intentionally trying to recreate the sturdy, detail-agnostic*, play-focused design style you can see in standard themes, while still maintaining relevance for the "Hey, I recognise this!" pop culture collector. Notably, it's managed to earn 3,000 supporters in a week since its inception, and as of this post is still #2 in the "Trending" tab on the front page. This is owed to having recieved some big attention - Kotaku and Gonintendo, for example. I'm not hurting for supporters right now but figure I might as well share it while it's hot. More pictures are available on my newly-minted Flickr account! *well... official sets don't usually chase detail above all else, but they don't intentionally avoid it either! If you can think of a better word than agnostic to describe this, I'm all ears.
  4. toastergrl

    Hi y'alls!

    Fair enough! I have literally never touched WoW so good to have the origin clarified, your original wording just made me curious ^u^;
  5. toastergrl

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    This line looks incredible. I don't really care about the app, but I'm definitely above the age range where TLG would think that a problem. I like the designs of the main characters a lot - Parker and the professor (Is her name JB, or is that someone else in the line?) are both really nice minifigs, especially. I'm probably only going to go for the boat, bus, and lab, but mostly because I can't really justify larger sets right now. It's a novel theme, and I definitely want to support that.
  6. toastergrl

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    My personal hope now the colour is back in action is for minifig parts in Teal (er - I think the TLG name for it is Dark Turquoise..?), preferably City-adjacent but I wouldn't complain about Space. My sigfig contains a dark green shirt and blue jeans as a reasonable approximation, but there's just something about that colour that's very appealing and I'd easily swap the hoodie out for that. As for part shapes... one thing I've wondered about a bunch is ID 2460 (Modified 2x2 Tile with Pin), but with a plus-axle instead of a pin. It would be quite useful for load-bearing SNOT technology, and if combined with ball joints ID 32474 or ID 53585, it'd make for a nicer, more elegant system-constraction interface than those modified 2x2x1 bricks that usually crop up in the one or two larger, too-big-for-Mixels-joints mechs a year.
  7. toastergrl

    Hi y'alls!

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone! @leafan interesting... Were you a BZPower member too? It'd be interesting to see whether we might be the same one :P
  8. toastergrl

    Girls, stand up !

    Hi! I dunno how much I like the concept of explicitly outing yourself as a standard part of joining the community, but I feel like I'd be missing out without putting myself forward for the usergroup this topic recommends. That is to say - hi, I'm a girl, as my username mangles slightly! Can I please have the usergroup?
  9. toastergrl

    Hi y'alls!

    Hi! I'm Viv, but I feel like it's appropriate to keep with my alias so I'll be going by toastergrl where and when it's appropriate. I've kept some distance from LEGO communities since BIONICLE ended the first time, but I've had some good experiences recently and wanted to get back and involved again, and this site seemed like the best location to warm myself up again with. It's been difficult to get my hands on physical bricks since LEGO stopped being the go-to-gift, but I'm starting to explore building in the physical realm now that I have a bit of disposable income. (I'm *technically* an AFOL, but I guess it doesn't feel like it quite yet..?) I'll admit my childhood sets were mostly constraction and its Technic-dependent predecessor (the oldest set I still own in complete built form is 8593-1 Makuta), but I have enough fondness for the standard brick to work well with it when I can. While the original was waaaaaaaay before my time, Classic Space is definitely one of my favoured themes nowadays and I'm enjoying the relatively cheap forays into expanding that with the TLM2 theme. Crossing my fingers that simple, elegant and angular stuff continues every now and again! I currently have a reasonably successful LEGO Ideas project up and running, but I feel like it'd be a bit of a faux pa to link it in my intro topic, so I'll share it in the appropriate venue at a later date. Thanks for reading!