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  1. toastergrl

    Heart Melter Mk 2

    I really like the way curving has been combined with smaller details to create a machine that looks both cuddly and greebly at the same time - plus the cake gun! Very nice work :D
  2. toastergrl

    LEGO IDEAS - Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone

    Thank you very much ^u^ I've been pretty frazzled by the warm reception. It got LEGO trending on twitter...
  3. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you everyone :D Pretty gutted that my survival in both rounds I've been in has been at the cost of practically every other project... but congrats to legotruman for their Starry Night project's success! That design is like nothing else, incredibly interesting for sure.
  4. toastergrl

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Second stage of voting is up. Of particular note is that the Ideas team noted their mistake with splitting the Castle vote but didn't want to crowd out Pirates, so it's now a Top Four rather than a Top Three. Classy stuff!
  5. toastergrl

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    I saw this on Twitter and instantly RT'd (not to mention on-site supported)! Positively charming, and fingers crossed for it ^u^
  6. toastergrl

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Precisely my reasoning why I didn't pick Classic Space or Paradisia (which lives on in Friends)! Ice Planet 2000, Rock Raiders, and BIONICLE for me. First two should be self-explanatory, and while an entire reboot for the last is definitely nonviable a second time, a single adult-aimed collector set is right up my alley.
  7. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    Downright charming set, they knocked out of the park! Not sure about the 18+ branding here, but the entire thing is pretty magnificent if I say so myself. The designer is allowed to publish the instructions for the original concept, but they are not allowed to put them up for sale (ie, money).
  8. I mean, it also happens with non-licensed projects. whatsuptoday and Spacemd's Saturn V Launch Tower is a particularly high-profile example, but if you'd use the same arguments that it's a recognisable "location"/set concept, GabKremo's Dock was knocked off as well - and that's a hundred percent original idea, insofar as it's a structure that wouldn't draw high attention outside of being well-built. I've done my research, and in many ways I'm thankful that my own project only attracted the attention of hobbyist minifig cloners working through Amiami. I think you're letting your distaste for license-based Ideas cloud properly understanding this topic. (I wrote this before Peppermint_M's post, but I think it's still appropriate to share.)
  9. Under regular cicrumstances you might be in trouble on account of LEGO legally owning any submitted Product Idea (for 3 years) so you can't take legal action yourself, and there are unfortunately multiple examples of clone brands taking Idea concepts and selling them themselves where the company has not seen it necessary to take the KO down. However since you're in review they have a vested interest in protecting the concept in case they place it into production, so I advise you contact a LEGO Ideas representative about it to discuss. If you've already been contacted about the 10k interview everyone gets I'd recommend shooting off an email to the person who sent you that; otherwise, support DOT ideas AT lego DOT com is your best bet. How do clone brands end up recreating these things so thoroughly, anyways? Have you shared the instructions or CAD model(s) online, or is it some scummy builder's job to go through promising concepts and attempt to recreate them brick by brick to try to snipe the opportunity?
  10. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Definitely thrown me for a loop, but there being no news regarding my set is good news - means they're giving the decision their full attention. Thanks for the well wishes @JintaiZ! It's a bit of a shock to see only one confirmed project from this review, but that's how the cookie crumbles with a crowdsourcing (or is it crowdbuilding?) platform - with a lot of choice for the Ideas team, it is a mathematical inevitability that some people will lose out, even if the quantity is staggering right now. I'm also sure the Music contest's timing may have taken up some production capacity as well. In any case, I am quite excited for that Globe! Congratulations to Disneybrick and the winner of the contest (dunno if he's on Eurobricks), and my condolences to everyone else in this session. Hope things work out for more people in the next one!
  11. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I believe it was confirmed during the Steamboat Willie reaction that new molds for Ideas have been possible since Doctor Who, the bill just needed to be footed by another department (Dimensions and CMF) rather than themselves. They still kept the rule of "no proposals that require new molds" so that if nobody wants to pick it up a proposal that'd otherwise sell wouldn't fall at the last hurdle. We going to see a Sesame Street CMF in short order, then..?
  12. toastergrl

    [MOC] Super Mario - Motorized Bullet Bill Blaster

    That's a really great approach. I didn't quite get the appeal of LEGO Mario's digital aspect at first, but I can see that it really helps with MOCs like these. Maybe I just need to get into power functions :P
  13. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Huh, that's interesting. I thought it was rumoured that the Seasame Street set would be the next to be revealed. Guess that was wrong! Not that I'm complaining - the Piano is definitely one of the concepts I've been looking forward to, even if it's not exactly the kind of thing I'd want to display. Anything with mechanical arrangement in System is particularly delicious.
  14. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Typewriter's my favourite of the ones that got picked, and I totally love the idea of the Home Alone set but probably not enough for the sheer cost of that big house, but I'm totally struck by how much of a miss Seinfeld is. Is it really that popular worldwide? It has zero cultural impact over here, versus something F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Big Bang Theory being strong examples of the genre. A huge shame about BIONICLE and Ratatouille as well, but what can you do - two solid picks out of three is a pretty solid spread already. In any case, congrats to everyone that made it, and condolences to the ones that didn't!
  15. Yeah, I was going to say - the Simpsons being on air for decades and being shown in so many different countries has almost certainly done incalcuable harm to the PR image of LEGO's "yellow is race-neutral" stance. No matter how consistent and well-intentioned LEGO have been with their intent, intent isn't a watertight defense against some major outside context like that. In my eyes, if LEGO were to consider fighting this outside brand deterioration a lost cause, leaning into that approach would be the least disruptive thing they could do. It'd prevent another overwhelmingly base-breaking moment like the introduction of the standard fleshies or bley in that it'd maintain a large deal of compatibility with pre-existing collections, and not have a major increase in development/storage costs. Having the several-step spectrum go from tradtional yellow to the existing fleshie reddish-brown, so those faces can be used across both licensed and unlicensed themes, would be the smart thing to do. As an experimental extra potentially incorporate some sort of skintone randomisation in sets (or at least Build A Minifig stations), where the shade of bonce differs between multiple uses of the same faceprint. That of course comes with a whole heaping of caveats, including the fact that it would cast serious shade (pun not intended) on previous lines. The current situation of incorporating multiple cultures' features, outfits and other details into yellow figures with a focus on not being an unrepresentative caricature has a lot going for it, and I think it's an admirable approach, but the damage is done and I think there's a real chance they might finally decide to rip the band-aid off and take a move towards something like the second paragraph... maybe not this decade, but the one after? You never know.