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  1. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you both, @RichardGoring and @BrickBob Studpants. As the former mentioned I will be sharing alternate builds ala the original pitch's second model some time in January, when I get the opportunity to put instructions together, and will make sure to note them here.
  2. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you very much @adwind!! It is a tremendous excitement for sure, even with the shift in focus. I do remember you saying that - I should have trusted you in that moment rather than kept on worrying about it :P I hope everyone enjoys 21331 as it is released ^u^
  3. toastergrl

    [MOC] WALL-E with Stuntz flywheel

    Oh, wow. Nice part usage for both the pullback motorisation and the interesting neck angles - this little robot is wonderful for sure!
  4. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I've been a bit busy, but god that Home Alone set is solid. They took a great concept model and made it way better, and I wish I had display space for something like that ^u^;; Absolutely up there with Barracuda Bay as the pinnacle of large play-focused Ideas sets, methinks.
  5. toastergrl

    Legal to use a logo in licensed Lego Ideas Project?

    It's legal, but whether it's permitted by the Ideas moderation staff is a different question. There was inconsistency on this beforehand. I had my Sonic project returned to me at the very start because I'd used an official logo, while other projects seemed to get away with this - but the rules changed in February to prevent this kind of thing entirely. Your product concept has to stand on its own merits without an on-site logo. This doesn't prevent you from using a logo in offsite promotion, though. On that topic... This is just an aside, but I couldn't help but note that your account is pretty new. Understand that this isn't an accusation, but iit's worth getting to know this space and not just post your project somewhere without learning. For example, with just a little look around you could have discovered that there is a LEGO Ideas thread in the "General LEGO Discussion" subforum. It's now considered bad form to post your project in there yourself (I'll leave the place you should post it if it's approved as an exercise for you to find), but the thread I linked is the perfect place to ask questions like these if you run into any more problems. In any case - welcome to Eurobricks, and good luck with your next steps!
  6. toastergrl

    A whole lot of Transformers

    Holy dang, these are magnificent. Exemplary work!!
  7. toastergrl

    Those Who Remain

    Jeepers creepers, this is incredible. I really love how it deliberately plays up being a monster of staggering scale compared to that of the minifig skeleton! The combination of cloth and machinery brings me back to the original Bionicle material, too. Great work!
  8. toastergrl

    Heart Melter Mk 2

    I really like the way curving has been combined with smaller details to create a machine that looks both cuddly and greebly at the same time - plus the cake gun! Very nice work :D
  9. toastergrl

    LEGO IDEAS - Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone

    Thank you very much ^u^ I've been pretty frazzled by the warm reception. It got LEGO trending on twitter...
  10. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you everyone :D Pretty gutted that my survival in both rounds I've been in has been at the cost of practically every other project... but congrats to legotruman for their Starry Night project's success! That design is like nothing else, incredibly interesting for sure.
  11. toastergrl

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Second stage of voting is up. Of particular note is that the Ideas team noted their mistake with splitting the Castle vote but didn't want to crowd out Pirates, so it's now a Top Four rather than a Top Three. Classy stuff!
  12. toastergrl

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    I saw this on Twitter and instantly RT'd (not to mention on-site supported)! Positively charming, and fingers crossed for it ^u^
  13. toastergrl

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Precisely my reasoning why I didn't pick Classic Space or Paradisia (which lives on in Friends)! Ice Planet 2000, Rock Raiders, and BIONICLE for me. First two should be self-explanatory, and while an entire reboot for the last is definitely nonviable a second time, a single adult-aimed collector set is right up my alley.
  14. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    Downright charming set, they knocked out of the park! Not sure about the 18+ branding here, but the entire thing is pretty magnificent if I say so myself. The designer is allowed to publish the instructions for the original concept, but they are not allowed to put them up for sale (ie, money).
  15. I mean, it also happens with non-licensed projects. whatsuptoday and Spacemd's Saturn V Launch Tower is a particularly high-profile example, but if you'd use the same arguments that it's a recognisable "location"/set concept, GabKremo's Dock was knocked off as well - and that's a hundred percent original idea, insofar as it's a structure that wouldn't draw high attention outside of being well-built. I've done my research, and in many ways I'm thankful that my own project only attracted the attention of hobbyist minifig cloners working through Amiami. I think you're letting your distaste for license-based Ideas cloud properly understanding this topic. (I wrote this before Peppermint_M's post, but I think it's still appropriate to share.)