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  1. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Every set that passed review was one I was personally invested in to some degree or another, so I'm very happy with this result. :D
  2. toastergrl

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I strongly suspect the list is an outdated internal reference previously only available to moderators, and which was publicised on the request of some senior Ideas staff and/or serial AFOL designers. For example, both Micronauts and Power Rangers - brands currently outright owned by Hasbro, but weren't previously - are both marked as allowed. In fact, it's likely this is every judgement call a moderator has ever made in the history of the site, cross-referenced with the list of Ideas products already released and existing licensees who are difficult to work with. It would explain why Ratchet & Clank is present twice (once in the rejected category and once in the accepted), makes sense with Battlestar and Battlestar Galactica being seperate evaluations, and dovetails nicely with the language used when you enter something that isn't in the system ("an IP that we've not evaluated before"). It doesn't account for changing rights holders at all. If I were a moderator for Ideas, I probably would not have ben comfortable with this list being made public. As a fan and creator, though, it's downright fascinating. I mean, Homestuck is a yes? Have you SEEN Homestuck? (Sonic the Hedgehog being a yes is quite reassuring for personal reasons, though. *gestures at signature*) Also, @Modeltrainman, check for The Legend Of Zelda; turns out it's a yes.
  3. toastergrl

    [MOC] the open backed dress

    Thank you! ^u^ Probably not. And I got 70673 Shuricopter. That's cool! Has he shown it off anywhere? It'd be nice to see different approaches to the same basic concept c:
  4. toastergrl

    [MOC] the open backed dress

    Thank you! The face build is not fragile - the plates all work together quite nicely. There are two weak single-stud connections in the wider build, but they're a necessity of using the spinner piece - there's only two studs inside it at the base, and they require the insertion of two seperate parts with a gap between them - so the legs are connected via stacked single-stud round plates and cylinders. The chest piece comes from the LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog pack's miniature car build! It would make a fun series of characters all wearing pretty dresses, but I have no further intention of picking up other Ninjago stuff this wave. If others wanted to experiment, though, it might be nice! :D
  5. toastergrl

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Keep in mind that guy's job is related to the TV show side of LEGO and not the set side. Obviously the sets themselves aren't going to inspire terror or anything, but the examples you gave didn't get any accompanying, LEGO-licensed cartoon or anything, and the show could easily get 7-year-olds afraid (the actual target demographic for this stuff).
  6. toastergrl

    [MOC] the open backed dress

    aaaaaaa thank you!! ^u^ Seeing PAIGE in your signature reminds me that she might have been a subconscious influence, given I've seen your posts around in quite a few places in my few months on this site so far. It's nowhere near her scale or realism, and the spinjitzu part necessitated a clothed figure, but both are an attempt to capture a feminine form in bricks - so you liking my build feels extra special as a result c:
  7. toastergrl

    [MOC] Zubo-Q

    Oooh, I love the way the claw pieces intersect to make those very springy-looking legs. Is it weird that my first thought there was Big Bird? :P I can't quite tell what parts go into the bulk of the torso, though - but in any case, it's definitely a fun experiment in form. Good work!
  8. toastergrl

    [MOC] the open backed dress

    Thank you a lot! :D When I started playing around with the spinner, I was looking around for parts to complete the form in my head - the little blue car on my desk was the perfect complement to round her off (literally). Perhaps it'd be more accurate to say this is an exploration of unsystematic parts within the system, something I definitely want to continue with given how rewarding making her was... Gosh, it's a good sign that my build was strong enough to alter what you thought of the part. ^u^;; the kind words are absolutely appreciated!
  9. The Model IV OCTANCORP Killbot is equipped with a state-of-the-art Emotion Processing Unit for 241% more murder capacity compared to the previous model. However, this now means it is capable of developing a personal identity, which may or may not incorporate a gender. If your Model IV OCTANCORP Killbot develops a gender, they should be treated with respect and kindness. After all, OCTANCORP deprecated the laws of robotics years ago, so even a Model IV OCTANCORP Killbot's owner is not truly safe from its wrath. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just a little experimental build to flex my MOC muscles. I picked up my first Ninjago set in ages yesterday 'cause I liked the main build, and was inspired by the weird, very-specialised spinjitzu spinner piece, so everything else got built around that. Even the most idiosyncratic piece is still compatible with the system these days. It was nice and sunny, so I couldn't resist taking the photos outside. ^u^ All the photos I uploaded are embedded in this post, but if you want to see them in the source resolution my Flickr album is right here. Thanks for lookin'!
  10. toastergrl

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    Thank you, @drclark! I do have multiple of the set, but I decided the glass was better suited to making the Galaxy Spearhead look better - personally, the miniature Space Cruiser is fine enough as a missing link in the 918, 924 and 928 lineage. I do have two other Big Ugly Spaceship Hulls I wanna do something with, though - maybe if I end up picking up more cockpits... ----------------------------------------------------  Third copy of Benny's Space Squad, so even more builds. Plus, a few Bricklink orders and an ebay purchase or two all come together to produce something that's starting to feel like more than the sum of its parts... The Proto Light Hover is, believe it or not, based on an alternate Rock Raiders build from set 1274-1 Light Hover. Using mostly the parts from Space Squad and a few other minor additions, I feel it does a very nice job of recreating one of the blockier, workmanlike builds with a limited parts selection and providing a bit of continuity between some of the more disparate eras of LEGO Space. The Rocket Launch Trailer is fairly self-explanatory. It's a slightly miniturised version of 462-1 Mobile Rocket Launcher's rear end, designed to connect as an alternate trailer to the Transport Buggy I built earlier. It has a good center of balance even with the rocket raised (see the next picture), and is quite fun to mess around with. The Stellar Comet was built once the Bricklink'd parts arrived, and utilised whatever I had left over after the previous two builds. It's a little weak, and I may dismantle it later if I'm struck with inspiration, but I think this rendition of 6825-1 Cosmic Comet is charming enough for now. And here's an update on the collection as a whole! You can see most of the stuff from the other pictures I've taken. What you won't see, though, is the Galaxy Spearhead - that ship's too big for my desk, so it sits at the head of my bed! When I got my third Space Squad on impulse, I wasn't thinking about the fact I had to make a Bricklink order for another green fig to keep the proportions roughly equal. That ended up with me spiralling a little bit into me picking up the right assortment of parts to put together two reasonable-looking red figs ("Denny", according to the TLM2 video game) and a LBG fig (no LBG classic helmet or airtanks, so I decided to lean into it and have 'em be a spacer cadet in training)! I only really need one more red fig before I call this sorted, but if they do make easily available black spacers in future I definitely wouldn't turn them down. There's also a skeleton. I only really have it here because it's the only other reasonably vintage-looking figure I own, even though it has the modern, 3mm clip shoulders instead of the loose balljoints. It's not too far off brand, is what I'm saying! ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks for taking a look at my topic! ^u^ I think my next itch is to make something that looks like it'd fit into the grey-and-trans-green era. If a LEGO designer is reading this - how many kidneys or firstborns do you want for the angular enclosed cockpit (part ID 21849) in trans-green? :P
  11. toastergrl

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Oh yessssss I adore CS stuff. That looks like a fun base indeed! Definitely a grand display piece.
  12. toastergrl

    [MOC series] Sonic Mania

    Thank you, Brick Rides UK :D I had desgined a completely different concept a few years back, but only dug it up pretty recently. Here it is - the Chemical Plant! It contains lots of similarities to the existing MOC, but has a few extra things like the moving blocks lever function and the hinged sections! (Again, apologies for the embedded text. It does well on social media and alright on Flickr, but is probably a bit much for a forum...)
  13. toastergrl

    [MOC series] Sonic Mania

    Thank you very much, Vindicare ^u^ If you have any suggestions for other things to tackle, I'd love to hear them!
  14. toastergrl

    [MOC]LL-313 Galactic Multicargo

    This build looks absolutely fantastic. While NCS as people tend to think of it isn't exactly my thing, you're neither allergic to exposed studs nor addicted to greebles AND you've managed to create a chunky, endearingly shaped ship, which I seem to have fallen in love with. The cargo transport gimmick! The multiple containers! The perfectly angled, inset windshield! I love it, and now I am tempted to try and build my own spin on the vehicle type. That's probably one of the clearest indicators you've done something inspiring with its form.
  15. toastergrl

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    Thank you very much, everyone! Yeah, small sets are magnificent. Sometimes the £9/$10 sets contain things with a similar spirit like the Space Squad that started this all, but it's the things that you put together while experimenting that really carry some pleasant energy. Unfortunately, it's the same situation in the UK as it is in the Netherlands - the polybags are almost never found here! The Magazine builds are quite easy to get, but when City's not doing Space, it isn't exactly my thing - so I have to pass those things up. In other news, I did a small Bricklink order and a smallish ebay purchase yesterday. If all goes well, I'll have some Red Spacers in my collection soon enough - and with that means more MOCs...