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  1. AshKetchum

    6273 Rock Island Refuge [VIDEO]

    Bricks Planet makes the best videos, I've been a long time subscriber.
  2. AshKetchum

    Display case for large ships?

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I've decided I'm just going to go with an ikea solution. The main reasoning is that it can hold more sets in and take up less space in the house. This one looks nice and the shelves are adjustable: or for a little more storage area: Although I would probably put some heavy books on the bottom shelves to avoid tipping over. The other ones look reasonable, too: I'd rather get one large one than multiple small cases, oh well, I guess I just have to go to the store and compare what they look like side by side.. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  3. AshKetchum

    Display case for large ships?

    Hello everyone, I have a dilemma I recently moved and need to find a new way to display large sets like the Brick Bounty. I measured it around 24" (61cm) long by about 24" (61cm) high. I allowed a couple of inches for extra space, you don't want it stuck in there tight. I originally had it on a bookcase with adjustable shelves, but this time i'm looking for a glass enclosure. We might be getting a cat, so it will likely knock all the sets on display onto the floor. Hence we're looking to have it in some kind of enclosed space. I'd rather get something from a local store, as in the past most time anything glass is shipped, it usually breaks. My budget is anything up to (or around (a bit over is okay)) $150USD (about 130 euros), preferably I'd like to keep it under $100USD (or 88 euros). My research so far points toward something from Ikea, the large billy bookcase with glass doors seems promising, the good thing about it is that since it's so big I could probably fit many other sets in it as well. The bad part is that the middle door handle part (to open the booksheld) blocks a bit of the view. C'est la vie.I really liked the skinny one I don't think it will fit, the depth and width measurements are too small maybe. The Deltof display cases look nice, but not sure if the width and depth measurements will fit a large ship. The Fabikor series display case seems like it would fit, but you probably wouldn't have any other room for many other sets. A large acrylic cube enclosure would work fine on a table/dresser, but I just can't find any acrylic enclosure that size. I'm open to any suggestions from other members that have ships in display cases. If anybody could post pictures so I could see what it looks in real life application I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help and taking the time to respond to this super specific question. Many Thanks!
  4. AshKetchum


    This is great! Can never have enough holiday sets (^_^)/
  5. AshKetchum

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    These are amazing tutorials, great job! Very helpful!
  6. AshKetchum


    Hello everyone! First post here! Everyone seems very nice, happy to be here (^_^)/