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    harry potter - star wars - architecture - creator
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    first order heavy assault walker 75189

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  1. Buddington

    Hello from Bavaria

    Hi Buckeye J were are you from exactly? I live in F├╝rstenfeldbruck
  2. Buddington

    Fort Bow

    I know that this post is quite old and I`ve just seen that kinggregus last visited the forum in May 2018. However I`d like to leave a comment, because I collect Comics and I`m a big fan of "die blauen Boys" or "Bud & Chester" as the German names are. (As you maybe can see in my board name ). Great work. Hope to find some other topics refering to this
  3. Buddington

    A Roman Temple

    That`s a real pitty. I`m very interested in Roman history. Is there a chance that you will built some more in the future. I was at the bricking Bavaria last November. There was a big Roman dio - lovely!
  4. Buddington

    Hello from Bavaria

    Hi leafan, thanks for your welcome. Well, the famous German toy brand is Playmobil Yes, I watched some videos of him. I like them because he tells everything quite ironically. As far as I understood lego caused him some trouble because there was a brick in his logo I think lego better should show us pictures of the new Harry Potter sets than wasting time by writing such letters Hi Michael, welcome too
  5. Buddington

    Hello from Bavaria

    Hi, my name is Frank. I have started collecting and building lego last year. Sure, in my childhood there was some lego, too. Actually I`ve been collecting toys from another very famous German brand for over 15 years now. With this brand I especially like historic themes, customizing and building dios. My favourite lego themes are so far the architecture sets and creator. Although I`m not really a star war fan, I meanwhile also have quite some sets. I prefer some of the imperial sets. I think they look most cool. But one of my favourites is Harry Potter. So I`m looking forward to June. Greets Frank