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  1. tommybricks

    space police 2

    Good Morning Eurobricks. New to the group. Heard this is the place to speak on anything space related. Glad to be here either way. Let's talk about the build. The front and back are completely done. Shoutout to the lego space book for the prisoner's bed idea, Brilliant. As for the actual brick, you guessed it; all old light gray. With the exception of a few hidden headlight bricks. M-tron panels, three of them up in the back. As well as three box fronts on the top right. The doors directly below open to reveal the armory. Not sure what set they actually came from, but they're cool. In order to keep it sp2 colors i added the solid red bars and trans green glass. The sp2 tiles were an afterthought. Never intended to place four in the build, but...Should I construct a ceiling to truly give it a finished look? Any and all comments welcomed. More dioramas to come!!!
  2. tommybricks


    Hello. I am Tommybricks. Thank you for the add. I am here to learn, listen and brick space dioramas. I'd like to share my space police 2 diorama with the group. Any and all comments and constructive critisim welcomed! Many more to come! Long live space!