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  1. Remember that the packaging had no toys r us logo on in, plus the bricktober packs have been big selling point since 2017 (because they are actually good now) and lego knows this especially because of how much people resell them for.
  2. if lego get their act together this year for bricktober, i'm 99% sure rescue will be in it
  3. off topic but if you wanted to bulk up war machine's quantum realm suit, you could use the armour from calculator from the lego batman movie series one minifigure packets with a 1x1 round tile in trans-red to bulk him up
  4. Just another thing, a action figure leaked of rescue (very detailed), and it has "049" on one of its armor flaps, so i guess rescue is iron man mark 49
  5. remember people, the captain america helmet is the very similar to the one used on the ultron and ultron sentries from 2015
  6. hopefully thumper or hotrod
  7. for me it would be cheaper just to buy the avenjet set for the figure
  8. The space suit is more expensive then silver centurion, ARGH
  9. i have the heartbreaker and scuba, payed 29 and 25 nzd respectively, no regrets but still need a few suits
  10. by the way, does anyone know a good way to make rocket's guns from trailer 2 without using the overwatch pieces?
  11. they wouldn't do a thanos minifig
  12. if they do a 2019 endgame bricktober, i would love a scale suit cap, white armor valkyrie, ronin and rescue
  14. The NexoNinja402

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I just need to know what would happen in season 5 and 6