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  1. by the way, does anyone know a good way to make rocket's guns from trailer 2 without using the overwatch pieces?
  2. they wouldn't do a thanos minifig
  3. if they do a 2019 endgame bricktober, i would love a scale suit cap, white armor valkyrie, ronin and rescue
  5. The NexoNinja402

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I just need to know what would happen in season 5 and 6
  6. so if the war machine shoulder gun doesn't fit, i assume the silver centurions armor doesn't either?
  7. Speaking of which, does anyone know how to make a more accurate sword, cause that butter knife ain't gonna do justice
  8. Nz gets it before all, Another reason i love my country
  9. Anyone else think that elsa's new minifigure hair would look good for black widow?
  10. looking at the first look trailer, maybe they'll turn the benatar into the quinjet
  11. Judging on how similar these look, i'm willing to bet that the war machine buster is the hulkbuster from last year upgraded
  12. ik right, 100 for hall of armor, 160 for quinjet (already have the buster) and 200 for the compound, new zealand has the highest lego pricing in the world
  13. not star wars overpricing,this is just ridiculous overpricing, I HAVE TO PAY 50 BUCKS FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA'S BIKE
  14. building the war machine buster i noticed that its a lot of the same building experience as the hulkbuster from last year (small one) this makes me wonder if in endgame, tony upgrades bruce's hulkbuster for rhodey
  15. no clue, at least you don't have to pay 200 bucks for the compound