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  1. anybody have any idea how to make a good white armoured valkyrie without using the jedi chancellor legs and torso?
  2. No I mean its an old civil war cap knockoff
  3. Sorry guys, turns out its just an old civil war cap, sorry people
  4. Looks amazing but still not 100% sure if it's real or not, and there may be scales, it's just not a very good picture
  5. Guys, I may have found the captain America torso and legs, but....... I have no clue whether it's real or not, it looks lego like, and I can't find a knockoff that looks like it, but if I leak it and it's fake, it could destroy my reputation.
  6. i found that but i think its just a misprint
  7. wait if it is a comic wave, what do you think the dark blue iron man helmet that leaked with a production code from this year is for? what else except a war machine mark 7?
  8. Enough with the stupid magneto discussion, its magneto not onslaught, we get it, get over it. Seriously people, why are you arguing over a 2017 set that means absolutely nothing for this year or next year.
  9. Guys, marvel thread, so stop talking about transformers
  10. yeah, they even have that mosaic maker of yourself in the Leicester square lego store
  11. yeah, none of these are the final names, except maybe the mech sets
  12. yeah it infuriates the hell out of me
  13. zebra is just a codename, like the "leaf" line
  14. well even if we aren't getting any of our desirables, we're still getting rescue, and the zebra set could come with exclusive figs