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  1. c2h5oh

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    In pretty sure its dom's charger. My local dealer discribed it as "a classic american car, it looks like a big black rectangle but awesome." He never saw the movie though.. And since he was spot on with the liebherr i kinda trust this info.
  2. Difficulty... i guess pretty hard. Besides upscaling the whole chassis its not solved by just using bigger wheels. (Most people think theyre to small allready) but then you also need bigger wheel aches and i dont know if they come in white. Id love to see someone do it though :)
  3. Forgot to mention in the vid: make sure to be in a good ventilated area. And for the arches with more paint, take more steps. Rinse it of in between or it eats the lego and it wil get really ugly. On the video you can see the edges of where the paint was, repeat to also remove these.
  4. Hi there! My first post... Nice forum, saw some really nice things and as a new afol registered to share some of my findings. Sroll down for the rsr pics but a short intoduction: the last set i bought up to 3 months ago was the 8094 controll center when i was 15. All lego went through the entire family (32 kids) and 50kg of lego depleted to a louzy 2.... So returning in my hobby when i was a kid (seems its perfectly socially accepted to go with lego once hou have children) I bought the bwe (awesome and a great part pack) and now the porche rsr :) oh and the rc stunt unit wich i only boucht for the power functions. However, the rsr looks great but somehow it never feels finished. Work done: Pure black/white, allthough one part (front nose is grey, ran out of black.... my ocd hates me for it) rc, for wich i had to leave out the engine (look at it as the rsr has gone rsr-e, electric xl motor where the flat 6 was...) havnt got a servo yet. So I solved with a L-motor and 2 rubber bands to keep it in a straight line. Got rid of the paint. I like to moc it up, so dont want to be bound on certain collours. Made a crappy tutorrial vid to do so if some one is interrested. Got problems with the 0.1mb photo limit, uploaded here: https://m.imgur.com/a/S6syHyU