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  1. In looking that chassis I can't help but wonder if the new 11x7 frames will be in this set. I hope they are buried somewhere in there because I need them in a color other than white
  2. A Ram 3500 with daulies would be awesome and could offer a lot in terms of functions rather than just “fast” as you were saying. I think that would be a great way to go for UCS. Imagine if they gave us the Kong’s Ranch Red and Gold F-150 in 1:8 scale.
  3. I agree and if the do it right majority of the livery could be done with panels and lift arms and then the individual logos could be small stickers rather than like the 42096 being plastered with giant stickers. Plus, who says you have to put on the stickers? I bought the 42077 and never put the stickers on and it still looked great. I don’t like stickers are a huge deal and as long as there isn’t a color issue like the 42096.
  4. For me, with the exception of the “ultimate”, what the coming sets are don’t matter. As long as we get panels in a straight-up standard blue, like a 42042 blue. For the “ultimate” I hope it is a licensed racecar rather than a luxury road car. I would like it to be an IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula 1, or LMP1/DPI. These are my thoughts and I just hope we get new parts as well because they always are fun to figure out of to use.
  5. What can we expect from the gearbox in terms of pieces? Do you think there will be a wave selector or even the new driving ring extension, hopefully not in yellow?
  6. I can’t tell if the wheel rims are standard size or similar to the Porsche and Bugatti. I really hope they are standard because I need some edge mounted rims in that size.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that the new cv joints, female joint specifically, is 4L total length rather than 3L total length? If this is the case it will make compact suspension as seen in the 42077 and 42093 difficult. I hope they release a 3L female joint down the line soon.
  8. Does the 42099 release in July or in August? I wasn’t planning to buy it but crazy new parts and grad money changed my mind. Also, do we know if there is a 28 tooth gear in the model?
  9. So I've noticed that this thread has a lot of live axles but what about indepedent pushrod, like F1 or IndyCar style. The 42000 had new suspensions but what the front like steered F1 style front suspension. I've tried but nothing seems to work right.
  10. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the order and it never arrived. I emailed them and who knows what will happen. The most notable piece from that batch was the red light brick that I wanted to put in the rear of the vehicle. I put a picture here later of the model as it is now with stickers. Probably won't get my parts till late July or early August due to my current location. So yeah. By the way I did start my next model which is the Acura ARX-05 DPI.
  11. What about the rims on the crawler? Were the standard rims or new ones designed for the new tires?
  12. Looks like it could be awesome build. Don’t give up just build with what you have and slowly work on as you get parts. That’s what I did with my IndyCar. Edit: maybe try fewer 3rd party parts
  13. Totally get your point and the new system could be cheaper, albeit doubtful. Do I think RC out of the box would be cool, absoluty. However consider this, the 42093 is 579 peices and is priced at $49.99 while the 42095 has 324 pieces but it twice the price.
  14. I don't think it should be RC but should be designed to be easily RCd because of price. If they treated it like a 42056 or 42083, they could pack it full of functions; transmission, DRS, suspension, and realistic bodywork. If they made it RC I think that would drive away the racing fans who simply want to display it.