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    I enjoy Lego Batman sets and I'm very exited about the new Batman 2019 summer sets !


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  1. Where did you get this leak ?
  2. The New Batman is cool ! I'll buy it for sure !
  3. Just search "the_real_fcl2.0" on Instagram and watch his story. The previous leaks came from him too.
  4. Do you know in which set Catwoman will be ? Because she isn't mentioned in any set's name.
  5. Have you seen the new Catwoman's head ? She is amazing ! I think that this is my favorite so far ! She is based on the DC Super Vilain video game. Unfortunately, the leak shows only the head without the helmet.
  6. If you want to see the Riddler's torso, just type "lego riddler torso" on youtube and you will find it!
  7. Do you know where I could find those leaks ? I can't find them on the web. PS : excuse me if my english is bad I'm french.