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  1. Protez1982

    Old projects, finally finished!

  2. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    I used 2 motor carts and on 1 and 2 different channels of the controller. Everything is working. Arduino nano I used with HC-06.
  3. I have this train moving thanks to a 9 volt trolley But I will replace this system with a 9 volt homemade one. Here in this topic there is a description. This is how it will look.
  4. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    The next project will be the Lego 75955 motorization. At the moment I have a 9 volt trolley, I will make an ordinary trolley and power it from a 9 volt battery.
  5. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    This is the very first model on esp8266,In addition, I have a couple of trains on the arduino pro mini and bluetooth module hc-06. I use 6 AAA batteries and 9 volt batteries.
  6. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    I do not use a radiator. As an experiment, I started the train and 7 cars at full capacity until the battery runs out and the controller withstood this test without problem
  7. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    This is not the original Lego diode, it is a normal LED, it fits perfectly with the Lego train. Thanks for the tip, I will try this engine controller. Although I did not notice the difference in current consumption in comparison with the original Lego controller. I use 2 traction carts and more than 10 wagons
  8. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    I put a blue LED. In the new version I have 2 color. Blue and red. And depending on which way the train travels in blue or red.
  9. Protez1982

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    All right, you understand, to control the motors used motor control L298N
  10. I want to tell how I manage lego trains through the controller esp and arduino.At the moment I learned to manage the train and switching rails. I installed 2 trolleys in 1 train so that he could carry more cars.The total price of all components is about $ 10 and it all connects to the standard Lego carts.