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  1. Ludzik_Lego

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Hi, guys. I've dropped an e-mail to TLG whether they planned to release this year any new Pirates set and I think I got the only possible answer from them: So, we have to wait. But personally I have very little hope there will be anything released this year...
  2. Hi, guys! My nickname is "Ludzik Lego" which is a very popular Polish phrase for "a Lego Minifigure" :-) I loved Lego when I was a kid, but then suddenly while I was 9 or 10 my dark age came and my Lego interests disappeared. I came out of the dark age in the end of November 2018 and started to collect and build sets from Pirates theme (all waves) and Space themes from the 1979-1995 period (from Classic space through Blacktron and Futuron to Spyrius and Unitron). I hope one day to possess a Galaxy Explorer 928 and an Imperial Flagship 10210. That's it. Have a nice day, everyone!