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  1. @Entalyan I bumped it to v0.9.2 to get rid of those extra json print statements.
  2. Yes, I can probably clean those extra debug messages in the next release. The way the messages work is the bricknil program talks to a web server (written using Quart, which is an async-style Flask) via a TCP socket, and the web server provides a websocket interface to the realtime peripheral updates. This should let people run the frontend code on a different machine if needed (since I want to use a raspberrypi for bricknil and don't want it getting bogged down with display updates). Also, easy enough for people to put their own favorite stack in front of that socket interface.
  3. @Toastie thank you! That worked; was able to place an order for usd $21 with shipping from a storefront with good feedback in Europe. As far as I know the US does not charge duty on orders totaling $800 or less per day. Appreciate the tip, saved me over $30! Now I need to figure out how to get this in the Harry Potter train ;-)
  4. Hmm, the Bricklink inventory of hubs for these prices seem to have disappeared. I shouldn't have waited to pick one up; now I'll need to fork out $50 from lego.
  5. Coming in the next release is a web dashboard that will show the status of all the peripherals in your running BrickNil program. It's display only right now, but I hope to add control capability to this dashboard at some point too. Here's an example where the program is controlling my duplo train, with the motor ramping up at intervals, changing LED color, and displaying speed and wheel revolutions, as well as the reflectivity sensor reading.
  6. veezer

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Ah I see. "User error", halt and catch fire :-)
  7. veezer

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I don't use Windows, but the comments above make me wonder if there's some confusion about the Bluetooth standards involved. The pairing procedure to the OS only applies to Bluetooth Classic devices, which as far as I know, is not supported by the LPF2/PoweredUp hubs (or at least the Boost and train hubs). Instead, these hubs connect via BluetoothLE which does not involve an explicit and permanent pairing between the computer OS and the hub. Rather, the connection is handled when the app runs and looks for a BluetoothLE device advertising a specific service type; when the app then connects to this service, the app and hub are linked for the duration of that app session. If you're worried the hub is being "captured" by a rogue app that's running continuously, then shouldn't the LED on the hub be a solid white signaling an active link?
  8. veezer

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    @Toastie as far as I know, there is no other way to update the PoweredUp Hub (aka Hub No.4) besides the Lego train/batmobile app. Yes, the future is here and pretty soon we’ll need an app to flush the toilet Maybe one of these days someone can capture a network and BLE trace of what the app is doing during the update process... some of the Bluetooth protocol fw update is documented but you’d still need to know where to grab the image from and I assume there’s some checksum validation process
  9. Cool! Great to hear! Let me know if you spot any bugs or issues.
  10. Just wanted to note that v0.9 is out. It adds support for using the Wedo peripherals (motor, tilt sensor, motion sensor). Also working on a web dashboard for the library, which should come out once we hit 1.0. Only thing to note is that according to @Mr Hobbles the virtual port behavior has changed on the PoweredUp hub with the new firmware, so if you're controlling two motors ganged into one virtual port, it won't work yet. I'll add support for that at some point once the Boost hub gets a firmware update or I get my hands on another motor.
  11. veezer

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I didn't even know the 0x60 command existed (it's not documented in the LEGO wireless protocol doc); I've been using the 0x51 command for all the motors like train and the boost internal and external motors (although I don't have access to the batmobile to check that) and it's been working fine all this time.
  12. I see now that the Lego US shop let's you order all of these standalone parts (except the train motor 88011 which does show up in a search but throws an error on the product page). $50 for the Pup hub and $14 for the train motor. Not bad.
  13. veezer

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    This looks awesome! It's great they added a lot of ports to this hub
  14. Updated: Version 0.8.2 is now out, and adds support for external motors (which was the last outstanding peripheral from Pup/Boost). Absolute positioning and relative rotation are now supported.
  15. @Entalyan Great to hear it's working! Thanks for your feedback (and @David Lechner's help) to get the ble_id working on Win/Linux. Very interesting to see how you're using it; I can see that it would be pretty neat to have Lego hubs integrated as part of a larger automation system with other devices! Are you using some other software automation tool that's controlling and sending the MQTT messages, or is it your own code? Oh, and just noticed that you probably need to add a `await q.task_done()` after you do the q.get(). while True: item = await q.get() await q.task_done() This will probably be needed to have a clean exit if you implement a 'quit' command and you have a `await q.join()` statement to close out the queue processing.