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  1. ancientpixel

    Rotating Axle with Varial Offset

    As usual one part is missing (another old style diff) but THANK YOU very much @Leonard Goldstein it works as i wanted! :)
  2. ancientpixel

    Rotating Axle with Varial Offset

    @Leonard GoldsteinNice stuff! Ill definitly try that, thank you :) I came up with this horrible thing, that doesnt work as i wanted, but maybe is quite nice too and already goes in your direction:
  3. ancientpixel

    Rotating Axle with Varial Offset

    Thanks, I will look into that :) In the meantime I had the idea to flip the diff 90 degrees and let it act as an adder of both rotations, but have not yet tested it.
  4. Hi All! Often a "reader", now a "poster", i´ve got a problem i cant fully wrap my head around. I try to keep a steering axle straight while going through a pivoting point or turntable. The axle should rotate with the pivot (eg in the picture below the yellow bricks should always align with the grey liftarms even if the liftarms are at 90 degrees of each other) but i want to rotate it manually on one side, with the rotation + offset of the pivot on the other side. Like the axle itself would have been twisted. The furthest ive got with this is pictured below and works as long there is no friction on the left output. I want both sides to rotate at the same time, but if you rotate the pivot/turntable then it should add just an offset "within" the axle. I dont know if this is actually possible or how to split the axle in two, add the pivot rotation to one part and then add both rotation together.