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  1. When this is the real D11T... then its just a disaster 🥴
  2. These are „fake news“ that was satire for the failed toy fair this year 👍🏻
  3. It looks like the front ist much smaller than in real live also the railing is to thick
  4. You are right. the real R9800 is much faster When its empty. But when the bucket is full, its very slow. Empty I think the best way is to change the gears for a little bit faster movement. you cant really work with the lego R9800, so the hub should not shut down the motors with a faster gearing
  5. Official pics released! https://www.promobricks.de/lego-technic-42100-liebherr-r9800-excavator-alle-offiziellen-bilder/84960 must have for me and really excited of it.
  6. yes there are some technic bricks in the bucket. But not that much, like 15-20 pieces. I just see it later, after the picture was new relinkt. we just can hope that there are not that much useless pieces just for some „load“ in the bucket...
  7. I also think there just for show and not in the set.
  8. So try this ;) https://www.flickr.com/gp/147930637@N04/3i1933
  9. Some OT... Although there was no r9800, but some other great and interesting machines. For those interested here a few photos: https://m.facebook.com/jeremy.krohs/albums/2426900000702074/
  10. Because there are so big. Its cheaper and easyer to get that power you need with diesel electric engines. Like big trains. They also uses big motors powerd by diesel and they use that energy with transformers for electric power and that runs the wheels also you have the power for any electric part. Same by the Liebherr. The pumps are powerd by electric motors. So you have one big Aggregate that powers all the Functions you need. You dont need a direct connection from the motor to pumps. Just take a cable and give that pumps the power where you want and where u need them. I am driving excavators every day, so iam very excited by this set.
  11. I will be there and making some photos ;)