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    LEGO WW2: Urban Combat

  2. KingHamsterIII

    Airplane MOC and Stopmotion Video

    cool- the plane looks awesome
  3. This really just an audio test not sure why Im posting it
  4. KingHamsterIII

    LEGO: Air Raid - Stop-Motion For some reason the link wouldn’t embed. Sorry about that.
  5. Like/Subscribe if you enjoy- all feedback welcome
  6. KingHamsterIII

    The Simulator (stop-motion)

    Turns out upping the frame rate can really help, share if you enjoy.
  7. KingHamsterIII

    Lego Meteor Madness

    That was beautiful
  8. KingHamsterIII

    Road stunts with Teddy and Panda Pablo | Brick Flick

    I liked it. It looked good
  9. Watch the sandwich shop guy carefully.
  10. KingHamsterIII

    A Normal Day (feat. Banana)

    Yeet. Description: Uh Oh I think I need to explain the joke. All this crazy stuff happens to this guy but he doesn't give it a second look but then when something completely normal happens he responds with complete and utter shock. Made withe stop Motion Studio and iMovie.
  11. KingHamsterIII

    Ninjago training stop motion

    yo nice stuff how long have you been doing stop motion
  12. Camera Moved and I didn't notice till editing, also I know I'm using a cloud city set, it was easier to film that way.
  13. KingHamsterIII

    Space Station Battle Stop Motion

  14. KingHamsterIII

    fighting irl stopmotion

    anyone else have opinions?
  15. KingHamsterIII

    fighting irl stopmotion

    Took 10 minutes not my best work. Subscribe if you enjoy.
  16. KingHamsterIII

    fighting irl stopmotion

  17. KingHamsterIII

    fighting irl stopmotion

    it's not good
  18. KingHamsterIII

    fighting irl stopmotion

    yeet wish I could change the title
  19. KingHamsterIII

    WW1 part 2

    I liked it
  20. KingHamsterIII

    WW1 part 2