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  1. magicrulo90

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Hi! How much money do you think that is a good deal to buy the whole collection with the 42 monochrome minifigures (chrome red and chrome gold included?
  2. magicrulo90

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    Very nice remake! I hope that you remake all old harry potter set that you can. Congrats!
  3. magicrulo90

    Lego Ideas SpaceX BFR project

    It would be great to see it in the sky in 2020, so you would not need to add more pieces
  4. magicrulo90

    [REVIEW] 81000 Koi - Lego Forma

    You are right, Lego is for very diverse people... maybe a more complex model could be interesting for me.
  5. magicrulo90

    Lego Ideas SpaceX BFR project

    Cool! I hope to see this in stores in the future. By the way, good point that the rocket has 2020 pieces;)
  6. magicrulo90

    Lego Ideas SpaceX BFR project

    I think it's much more impressive in silver :) Would it have interior? Or is it similar to apollo?
  7. magicrulo90

    [REVIEW] 81000 Koi - Lego Forma

    Nice review! I am not sure if this kind of lego is interesting for lego fans. Thanks for sharing!
  8. magicrulo90

    Lego Ideas SpaceX BFR project

    Woww that's amazing, you have my support!
  9. magicrulo90

    Hello from Spain!

    Thanks guys!
  10. magicrulo90

    Hello from Spain!

    Hi! I am Raul from Spain, I am 28 years old and I am a LEGO fan for many years, and it is a pleasure to join to the biggest lego community. I mainly collect lego minifigures to make frame with these. I hope to aport all I can to this forum and have fun. Regards