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  1. @Filipe128 Not a problem at all. Your build looks really good, can you share the build file? I decided to go with the Powered up for 3 main reasons 1. I have enough motors and hubs, 2. Lego released multi hub programming in the app and 3. I did not want to have to buy a 2nd Ev3 brick as well as the 3 additional motors. It was a challenge to use the xL powered up motors but with the right gearing down and a variation of what Akiyuki did with his new design I made it work. The build for the robot arm is complete and now I am working on the peripheral parts and the code (improving it) Here is a quick video - (I'll be deleting it in a few days)
  2. @Filipe128 here is the link to the studio file I started to work on. I have since gone in a different direction and used Powered Up motors and basically made my own design with keeping the basket rotation. The robot is complete and now I am working on a more efficient program and the peripheral build. Once done it will be posted on the general GBC page.
  3. Thanks @9v system for sharing the file. This one is on the to build list
  4. You have done a really good job converting the container module to mechanical a version it is no easy task. It is definately a lot easier to use Ev3 and Powered up (albeit new challenges can arise with programming ). Are you looking to do some instructions or share a file.I am looking forward to building it.
  5. Which one are you looking at? I have done most of the first one and the first section of the second. Here is a link to what I started for the second one. The first build is on hold There was one on YouTube - More details
  6. HRU_Bricks

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Thanks Efferman. The PF conversion is nice solution
  7. HRU_Bricks

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Thanks for sharing the instructions @Ngoc Nguyen and that others are modelling it, I was about to start too
  8. HRU_Bricks

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Your sainthood ? Nah just kidding. How did it turn out also any download link yet?
  9. HRU_Bricks

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

  10. HRU_Bricks

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    You sir will be doing a great favor to the community. Perhaps photos uploaded to Bricksafe would be an easier way to get them out there I am looking forward to building it in Studio then working out how to build it with replacement parts (PF motor and battery)
  11. The older thread is a very useful tool as it still does have the newer modules and also dose include discussion on and modifications to Akiyuki's commercially based GBC modules.
  12. @rskamen I re-engineered most of the v2 (all of the major components and the control circuit) and started work on the v3 (but it is on hold for now). If there is any chance of getting the newer v3 that would be handy
  13. It sure was and that was where my GBC journey started. I have finished the build and it works repetitively well. I did have to use the new Powered Up/Control Plus motors as I dont have enough small Ev3 motors. The powered up stuff is not the best so it does have some latency problems but it does demonstrates the process well
  14. Perhaps a different perspective of the same idea .... But mostly centering lines, strengthening the frame and simplifying. I also visualize how it will be constructed which then changes how it is designed. Akiyuki is a brilliant master builder and can create new ideas that out strips me however I have found that builds that he does that are not intended to have instructions for are more free build and need some review so they can be recreated more easily (this, the tracked robot arm and the ball cleaner for example all of which I have built). The catch and spin was a perfect build that worked first time and didn't need MODing (apart from the new 20T gear in place of the turntable). Finally Akiyuki's build are a lot of fun to build and modify and make better so why not! Edit: On with the build and a few more changes. The turntable at Joint 4 with the black 5x7 frame was only connected at the top. There was no real way to add pins to the bottom of the frame because the supports for the gears were in the way. I have changed it to support the axles and gears with a red H beam and double pin/axle to connect the 5x7 frame to the turntable. This eliminates friction between the frame and turntable due to the cantilever effect. @Ankoku This is my modified 4-axis version of Akiyuki's track robot. There is still a little work to get the ball bucket right but nearly there. If I get a second Ev3 or Lego releases extension cables I can mount the new 3 axis wrist to the tracked robot arm
  15. Hello Everyone, I have knocked up a file for the new for Akiyuki's 3 axis wrist. There is a couple of modifications to motor placements, one gear change and some structural stuff in the main body. I plan to build it shortly to test it out. Bricksafe folder