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  1. I doubt we'll ever get a Lego version of him now.
  2. From what I can see, they're a tone too light. Looks like the same legs from the Beijing store exclusive. Kinda disappointed that they didn't use this mould for Zero to go with Jack or Sallie. It would've worked great with a red print on the nose. I doubt we'll ever get a Lego version of him now.
  3. With the size of Mickey and Frozone's accessories, I'd say it's safe to assume they'll be using the bigger CMF bags again...
  4. Good to note that this render also has shoe printing on the inside. Also, does anyone feel like Edna's eyes look super weird from this angle? It worked on TLBM robin but it feels out of place here.
  5. I would have liked one of the three Mysterio's to have a helmet-less version, seeing as that's how he's appeared in the trailer. I'm also pretty disappointed in the lack of a black/ red suit. But the Hydro-man set might just be my favorite Marvel set in a while. I don't like them having a generic firefighter in the Molten man set. While I'm always looking for civilians in the Superheroes sets, I think that it's a real wasted potential with all the figures we still haven't gotten from those movies.
  6. They already have Dual Moulded red and black legs from the Incredibles line so I wouldn't have ruled it out if they did.
  7. Pretty sure Mickey and Minnie have shoe colour on the inside of their legs. It's hard to make out, but it also appears to be on the store image.
  8. Pretty sure he has one moulded blue on his waist.
  9. Probably an error with the render, but The SteamBoat Willie has printing on the inside of the leg in the CMF reveal. Making it better than the actual Ideas figure.
  10. Brick Cucumber

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    We've gotten coffee shop owners, presidents and generic chefs. Not to mention characters kid's would find boring like Jor-El. I don't see why we wot get him in a TLM2 minifgures series 2 if they plan it.
  11. Or buy some custom printed Lego figures.
  12. Brick Cucumber

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Friends is really a show about adult issues interlaced with comedy. Same with Big Bang Theory. If they can't put Bruce Willis in a set because he's starred in some action movies, they really shouldn't have made these sets. That's not even mentioning the incestuous themes in Back to the Future.
  13. Same with the second series. I remember Zod, Jor-El and the Wonder Twins getting leaked in the list.
  14. I consider any custom that doesn't use Lego parts (or professionally moulded parts on lego) a knockoff, so it's a no from me too. It's even stranger to me that they made a transforming Iron Man from a scene in Avengers AOU rather than the fan favorite Infinity war armour or Iron Man 3 armour.
  15. Don't know if it leaked already, but the Joker figure leaked, I like the vest design but it feels lacking compared to the game version.