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  1. Thanks for the link, I actually found a couple of local resellers who carry educational sets, but unfortunately neither of them have the motor in question in stock. They both carry the Spike Prime Essentials set though, which have two of those motors, the new 3x3 light matrix piece, colour sensor and apparently a some kind of mini-hub. Anyone know more about this hub? I couldn't find it in Bricklink or Rebrickable...
  2. That small motor sounds great for gear switching purpose, and I assume it also has enough power for pneumatic switches. Now the only question is, how do I obtain few of those motors...
  3. There are tons of great alternate builds for the Defender, whereas I haven't seen much for the Sian. Defender is also less expensive so I'd go for it.
  4. From the rules: "All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed." So no.
  5. No laughs, it sounds really good! Apparently where I live the old wooden piles have lasted for decades if not centuries, until the spread of pavement made the rainwater go into drains instead of into ground, and then the ground has gotten drier, which has enabled rotting in the foundations of some buildings... Not an easy problem to fix, but I'm sure the modern version your company makes is more resistant to this type of degradation. Getting seriously off-topic though so maybe we'll leave it here!
  6. Wooden piles? Why not, they were historically used a lot, but somehow I thought today only concrete would be used... So in this case I guess at least some types of forestry equipment is fine for the contest.
  7. I liken forestry machines more to farming than to construction so I'd exclude them (though if it has a proper non-forestry related function at construction yard it should of course be included).
  8. If you need a really high torque over a long distance, there are many ways to make an axle that's stronger. You can reinforce the axle with bushings, or make a series of 2L axles and connectors like you said. Or you can stack multiple 3941 along the axle. Or make a beam of 2 bricks side by side, sandwiched between plates and with 1x2 bricks with axleholes at the ends. There was a demonstration of these by Akiyuki:
  9. The top one is definitely stronger, as it has more support as you said. The added length doesn't make it weaker either, as the distances of the gears are equal - the extra length at the ends wouldn't matter at all if there were no support from the bracket, but as there is, it makes it stronger. Support could also be added to the center for even stronger transmission, though it has to be firmly anchored to the structure around the gearing.
  10. The question raised by @heyitsdisty is pretty good though, as I can immediately think of conceptually realistic ideas for things that could be regarded as construction machinery, but are impossible to construct with our level of technology. For example: a satellite for skyhook, which lifts materials from the surface of The Earth to orbit for construction of other orbital platforms. I wouldn't mind keeping this contest in sort-of-realistic limits though, and leaving the more scifi-like and fantastic stuff for a future contest.
  11. My opinion would be that a futuristic concept model like Zeux would be fine, because it's basically just another version of a machine we know well. I'd rule out fictional vehicles, at least those which are blatantly unrealistic, like a tunneling drill which you see in comics (with a single huge drillbit on the front cruising underground like a plane in the sky, as opposed to real life tunnel boring machines, which are quite a bit different looking and working machines).
  12. As I understand the rules, it should be fitted into a rectangular box of no more than 10 000 cubic studs in size, but you can choose the dimensions of the box as you see fit. So if you thing is shaped like the letter U, the empty space in between the sides is counted towards the total volume, you can't decide to exclude the empty space and claim that it fits into an U-shaped container of less than 10 000 cubic studs.
  13. So little time and so much of other stuff to do (school, work, etc.) Not sure I can participate, but I'll be following others with great interest!
  14. Thanks for all the reviews you've done, they were the best ones out there! I always found myself agreeing with you on both, the upsides and the downsides of the sets you reviewed, and your writing was very enjoyable to read. And of course your photography took the reviews to the next level, making the reviews also truly pleasing to the eye.
  15. Yep, the above kinds if suggestions are nice at first glance, but it's really hard to define what counts as a "function", nevermind a sensible one. So unless this is defined clearly and unambiguously before the contest begins, I'd prefer other kinds of contests.
  16. Non-licensed construction equipment contest will surely get my support. Though I'd prefer it to be with no scale-limits, the small scale contest should be different one and without thematic limitations (so cars allowed there).
  17. Seems to work great, very nice!
  18. A small scale contest could indeed be done without a theme, as the sizes puts significant limits and thus forces creativity. Judging might still be difficult, but I don't think that's a significant problem in small scale contest.
  19. I would also prefer a theme of some sort, as that forces creativity and also makes judging easier.
  20. I don't know how much the springs compress due to the weight of the model (I don't have it myself), but for realistic suspension they should compress about halfway of the travel. This of course means that the heavier end of the car must have harder springs than the lighter end.
  21. 1. The car is heavier on the rear axle, so harder springs are needed for the suspension to be compressed equally. 2. Yes, the middle differential is a standard feature in 4WD cars. Unless the car is steered on both axles equally and all the driveline components are perfectly symmetrical, there will be differences in rolling distance also between front and rear axle, similar to left and right side so middle differential is needed to counteract this.
  22. Can't recognize the brand, but it's definitely not a genuine Lego. But I admit, such part would probably be pretty useful.
  23. Yeah, being long and thin, those axles bend really easily. Maybe you could build a sort of "cage" for it from Technic bricks and some plates and leave it there for a while. Won't come out perfectly straight, but maybe a little straighter. Heating and bending will get you either better results or destroyed part.