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    Lego Off Roader 8297

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    I am mainly interested in creating tanks, trucks, construction equipment and medieval siege engines, with a few system building in between like bunkers and gun emplacements. Lets just say military and construction machines :)


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  1. Srdjan5033

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    At least 230e for just 958 part ?!! Good god, that is the worst price/part ratio that i have seen so far. Those hubs and joints better be made of stainless steel, custom forged and milled by hand...
  2. Srdjan5033

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Digging the new pieces, but I don't like it too much where technic is going. It took me years of careful collecting to get the power functions and pneumatic going, and now they just go with the darned PowerUP stuff. I sure hope it has some extension wire pieces and connector hubs as the PF has the convince of daisy chaining both PF and older 9V motors and LEDs. The price is exorbitant to say the least. First the Bugatti and now this. Sure it has 11 motors and 4K pieces, but i hope there are some more entry level models with the new motors.
  3. Srdjan5033

    A hello from Serbia

    Thank you for the warm welcome :)
  4. Srdjan5033

    A hello from Serbia

    Hello Eurobrick, My name is Srdjan, a fifth year medical student from Belgrade. I loved playing with Legos since i was a preschooler, but my creation had fallen on hard times when i discovered PC Gaming during my primary school education and created maybe a single MOC a year. I have returned to more active Lego building in 2010. when i acquired my first PF set, the 8043 motorized excavator, and by some miracle got the 8275 Motorized bulldozer for my birthday the next year. I have been lurking in the woodwork of this forum for the past few years, and i have gathered that it would be time to make an account, and may be show off some of my creations and ask for some advice, especially the godly axle making hands of Efferman. I mainly like to create military vehicles, especially ones with tracks, some medieval siege engines, fortifiactions and bunkers. But ever since i got the Mercedes Arocs set last year, i have been working on my truck building skill and figuring out the troubles of making 6x6 vehicles not disintegrate as i am still a bit unfamiliar with the "new" studles construction methods. The collection is fairly deep so far, clocking in at about 18,000 pieces, mostly Technic :) I hope to be an active member and to continue to create MOC's in the coming years, if the patients allow it that is :D