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    I am mainly interested in creating tanks, trucks, construction equipment and medieval siege engines, with a few system building in between like bunkers and gun emplacements. Lets just say military and construction machines :)


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  1. Srdjan5033

    [WIP] Saber 1/11 AWD Supercar

    So the differential can swing up and down a bit. That is a neat trick :) How does it handle torque ? Do the gears slip a lot during movement ?
  2. Srdjan5033

    [TC16] Scarab

    Looking good. What size wheel are you going to use ?
  3. Srdjan5033

    Atlas Copco Minetruck MT85

    Yeah, i like making small/medium trucks that use a L or XL motor, or tanks with up to 4 functions. But i find the rechargeable battery box a bit underpowered for even one XL motor. The price on the other hand is a bit steep, like for any niche hobby :)
  4. Srdjan5033

    42097 Spider Crane

    Any ideas on the pricing of the model ? I am really digging this and the off-roader for my new years purchases
  5. Srdjan5033

    Atlas Copco Minetruck MT85

    A lovely MOC indeed :) The BuWizz is making it possible. Got to get me one of those bad boys.
  6. Srdjan5033

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Oh my poor poor bank account. They had to make both of the so awesome :D
  7. Srdjan5033

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Well damn, the new controls and motors are placing even small models outside my price range. I guess i will have to resort to bricklink primarily for the new parts
  8. Got some time to work on the truck today and i am pretty sure that it is finished now. Just need to make a video of it driving. Here are some new pictures of the touch-ups and the winch. The winch powered by a single M motor, so it is not too powerful, but it can aid the truck in climbing a bit. Not to mention the lack of proper suppor for the cable as there was little space left to work with. I had to move the IR receiver to the side and add another one for the winch. I have disguised them a bit to look like air tanks. Finally put in the rear light and blinkers, but they are not illuminated as i ran out of PF LED's. The lights can be turned on or off using the switch on the side. The cables were a nightmare to fit beneath the truck bed. Had to use some elactic bands to keep them in check. The PF battery box has all the room in the world :) And lastly i have put in some extra interior details such as the speedometer, buttons and wiper stick. A video will come in the next few days, as soon as i get some time and nice sunlight. Hope you like the progress so far
  9. Srdjan5033

    [MOC] Tow Truck MkII

    Good job ! Love the details and the smooth looks :) Really impressive.
  10. It would seem that it is rebuild time again But first, the lights and the side mirrors. I have been working on a compact winch. Nothing too special or final. Also i decided to remove the gas tank, and put two IR receivers there, as i will need another channel for the winch motor, and in place of the one in the box behind the cab i will put a switch for the lights. Love how the cables are turning out
  11. Good news ! It would appear that the front CV joint is not needed and it has been replaced with a regular U joint, dramatically improving the driving ability over rough terrain and minor obstacles. As a result of a stronger front axle drive, the rear CV joints is less prone to giving way. This and more updates in the next few days with photo and video.
  12. All coming in the next few days :) The model drives fine on flat terrain, handles up to 20% incline, and some minor obstacles up to two-three studs high. Any more than that and the CV joints give up the ghost, as the models is 2Kg heavy I have a bit of work getting all the stamps for my fifth year of medical schools to verify my last semester, so i am sorry for the delay.
  13. There are these two pin holes on the front bumper, that is where the LEDs shine trough. I have however omitted to provide a nice picture of them It will be provided in the next few days, as i am working on that winch and it is giving me a headache since the space is rather tight beneath the truck bed. And thank you for the kind remarks The ideas for the worm gear shaft connector and the tires on the CV joint have been taken from some other Lego builder, but i can not remember their names for the life of me, as i would credit them.
  14. Upgrade time ! All the axles got new Wheel hubs and that has fixed the issue of the wheels falling of and the front wheel flexing. Now it is time to work on that winch. Anyone have a nice compact winch module that i can modify ?
  15. The worm gear can slide along regular axles and i use it to make a variable leght axle. It can slide about a stude total up and down the lenght. It is realiable and can handle a lot more of torque compared to a CV joint but it is significantly longer thant a CV joint. Had to be used for steering with the servo as the live front axle has a lot of motion and solid connection just get disconnected. Independent axles would be a bit to wide for my moc. And i wanted to test my metle with live axles. If i used independent i would only have to deal with U joints and CV in the axles but they are braced so they wouldn't pop out. I will use independent axles in my next moc as i plan to build a Mass Effect Mako exploration vehicle. These bad boy's will be used in the comming days, but i still have the CV joints to deal with in power delivery from the XL motor.