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  1. May be Joker and Harley escape from Arkham, and that's why Batman pursuit them in 76119?
  2. Yeah my worst fear comes true about the Shazam... I'm also disapointed about the brick build clayface...
  3. Any ideas when the D2C bat-vehicle will be in stores? With summer wave or may be later?
  4. The right one is red, and the left one is black with something silver on it.
  5. If it's comic based, one of the three figures can even be Batman, like they did with the Aquaman set. At least I'm hoping to be a location set! Totally bored of all the vehicles!
  6. 76122 batcave has almost the same piece count as 70909-1: Batcave Break-In: 1037 vs 1047. If all the pieces are for the batcave only, we can have some really nice hideout, but I think there will be some vehicle too.
  7. Sorry, but I’m new here, don’t know who is reliable leaker :)
  8. What if the “leaked” Shazam figure isn’t real?
  9. Still nothing for DC from New York toy fair. The waiting is killing me :D :D :D
  10. Stormfury

    Home Alone. McCallister's House (MOC)

    This is awesome :)
  11. Hey guys, where can I see the leaks you are talking about?
  12. My opinion is almost similar as yours, with little corrections. Batmobile vs Joker - 3 to 4 Batman and Robin vs Mr Freeze - definitely 3 Riddler heist - 4 to 5 Batcave - max 6, if we are lucky 7 :D
  13. What is happening tomorrow (today)?
  14. Yeah and they are in stores 2 months before the movie. This is my observation too. I still hope they are hiding it because of plot (spoilers). It will be really sad, if we don't get a set :(