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  1. I think it's honestly hilarious that last year people were complaining that Beskar Mando wasn't in the Razor Crest and AT-ST and now they're complaining that Beskar Mando is in too many sets. Oh, how awful it is that the main character from an incredibly popular show is in several sets, how awful indeed. Whatever shall we do
  2. Not the worst set ever, but certainly not great. Open it looks okay, I guess, but closed it looks pretty bad with all the white showing. And $70 is a bit much for it, it looks like a $50 set
  3. I guess I'm the only person that actually likes the Taj Mahal? I really like the actual building, but not $300+ worth. This looks really nice. Also, I really hate the skylines and would just prefer more of the landmark style sets. The Architect stuff is cool, I guess, but I'd never heard of Fallingwater, Tobie House or the Imperial Hotel before the sets.
  4. Gremer2

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I wonder if it might be a small style UCS set, like the SW helmets and statues. I haven't kept up, so maybe it's already been confirmed that it's not
  5. Gremer2

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I can't go back and read through 20 pages, so what new information is there?
  6. I'm relieved it's an AT-AT. I've got Raskolnikov's and I'm super happy with it, it's the perfect size. That saves me $800
  7. I don't know why people keep expecting the UCS Gunship to be minifig scale. The 2013 version is already very very close. A $200 version would be bigger than minifig scale, much less the $350 version that we're getting
  8. So, I know minifig scale is a very subjective thing. I was meaning the same scale as "minifig scale" models like Slave I and the UCS Falcons. I have no idea how those were calculated though
  9. How close are the new TIE and X-Wing to minifig scale?
  10. Gremer2

    Future Star Wars Sets

    They did do both the TIE Drone and TIE Crawler, both of which were from comics. They also did the E-Wing as Jek-14's fighter. Beyond those exceptions, they haven't done any recently or at all.
  11. Could it be a Death Star with coverings? It seems like they'll always have a Death Star on shelves
  12. They have 3-400 pages now. That's an average of around one new page per day. At the time when they were relevant, it would only be difficult if someone only came here once a week and had to dig through 7 pages, and even then, 2-3 would have news, if any at all. I've watched this place for years, though I barely ever talk. I'm not new. Exactly this. And to add to it, we don't get a lot of news anymore. We get maybe some information once a month. If we're only going to talk about sets, that'll kill conversation fast. There's nothing to talk about most of the time except for, as you said, how people feel about sets, which is just boring.
  13. Apparently I'm gonna be in the minority but I don't really mind how off-topic this thread gets at times. Sure, if it was interfering with news that might be a problem - but as far as I've seen, it's not. When we get new news, this thread focuses on that for multiple pages and a day or two before switching back. Unless someone only visits here once every three days, it's usually pretty easy to find the news in my experience. I guess I could understand why going off-topic in this thread might annoy some people though. I'm of the opinion that it doesn't really matter, but to each his own. Also, a mod dictatorship is an absolutely awful idea. I mean, yeah, great way to stop any off-topic conversation - and any other conversation with it. We had a bad enough mod a few years ago that pushed me and multiple other people away and turned this place into a joke. Off-topic posts might be annoying, the thread constantly being locked is worse.
  14. I really wouldn't have expected Vanth to be included given that he's kind of a spoiler and a lot of the one-off characters from Season 1 didn't get figures either. Heck, Kuiil never got one and he was in what, 3 or 4 episodes?
  15. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here It's the engine part. I'm assuming it should look fine, I just want to make sure just in case.
  16. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I'm working on gathering parts for 10221 and 93168 are crazy expensive now in LBG, upwards of $15 a piece. Does DBG look fine for it? Also, are there any other part substitutions I should do? Edit: So auto-select is just bad, they're as low as $5. Still, for 7 of them, that adds up.
  17. Gremer2

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Oooh, I just came across this and I love it! I'm considering a minifig scale Razor Crest MOC, and the only options were Jhae's or Papaglop's. This looks fantastic! I've just got a few questions. How many pieces is this and are there any rare parts? Rare parts are what pushed me away from Papaglop's. Is there any plan for a cockpit screen, or will it just be a brick built solution? I know the shaping is fairly difficult. Finally, are there any plans to add the yellow/tan stripes on the side of the ship?
  18. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I'm considering Bricklinking the 10221 Super Star Destroyer, but I haven't found too many good reviews on it. Is it a pretty good set? Is it sturdy? I know the bottom is too flat, which doesn't really bother me.
  19. Ah, I didn't know about the brick. This was my first experience with this kind of box. Maybe it's cheaper, or easier to produce?
  20. I got my order today, and Yoda's lightsaber comes in a really weird box. It's yellow, and the instruction manual is seen through a hole on the front. The parts all come in a Ziploc bag.
  21. Gremer2

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Price per piece is a worthless statistic. I guess it's decent as a general rule of thumb, but it's upended by the fact that larger pieces obviously cost more and new molds also cost quite a bit. Given the Dewback and the new, possibly one-off mold for Ponda Baba, I can accept $350.
  22. Gremer2

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    I really love this set. I rarely buy UCS sets on day one, but I made an exception for this one. If I could change anything about it, it would be switching the Ubrikkian for a Flare-S or Void Spider, just something different that we haven't had before, but it's not a big deal. I'm actually really happy that the extraneous buildings were included, they make it feel like it's in a city. Without having it yet, I give it 4.5 out of 5.
  23. And shipped about an hour ago.
  24. Mine hasn't shipped yet either. I ordered Luke's Landspeeder this morning though at like 1AM, and they've already sent shipment information.
  25. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    What is the length of 75192 from the very rear to the front of the landing gear?